Help Every Student Have a Successful Academic Year

A Comprehensive and Robust Solution to Support Distance Learning

Identify and Remediate Learning Loss Due to COVID and Summer Slide

Boost State Test Scores and Improve Student Achievement

Empathetic guided practice for each student powered by AI/ML

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Comprehensive Solution to Support Distance Learning

Guided Practice: Self-directed learning support through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Online Video Classes: Safe, interactive online classroom sessions to improve engagement

Collaborative LMS: User-specific interfaces for teachers, students, school leaders, and parents

Interactive Smartboard Sessions: Synchronous learning with real-time practice sessions, assessments, and quizzes

Identify and Remediate Student Learning Loss

Recent research shows that students will return to school this academic year with 6 to 9 months of learning loss! The biggest challenge for educators is to identify these learning losses in each student and remediate before starting new grade-level instruction.

Lumos Back To School Refresher for 2020-21 SY

Identify the learning loss in students caused by COVID & Summer slide

Drive targeted remedial practice to address learning gaps

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Self-Paced Individualized Practice for Each Student

Anytime anywhere learning assistant powered by Artificial Intelligence

Offers personalized guided practice with step-by-step instructions

Supports textual & verbal inputs during learning sessions

Provides individually tailored precise practice to support each student

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For School & District Implementation

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Empathetic Personalized Intervention for Each Student

Improve Student Proficiency with Artificial Intelligence-powered Deep Remediation

Guided practice for conceptual understanding

Standards-based additional practice

Foundational skills revision with deep remediation

Rigorous standards aligned individualized learning path for students

Access to flexible educational resources for practice

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Actionable Data for School Leaders and Teachers

Instant Access to Performance Reports
Classroom-level, School-level, & District-level

Analyze student performance in real-time with in-depth performance reporting. Track student progress and improvement with actionable metrics. Quickly and easily pull the student scores and activity data that is required to file compliance and accountability reports.

Whether you measure student-level, classroom-level, school-level, or district-level performance, our reports provide valuable insights necessary to drive school improvement initiatives.

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Seamless Technology Integration in Classrooms

Quick, Easy Integration
with Leading Education Platforms

Lumos Learning solutions are designed to maximize accessibility and transparency in students' learning process.

Conduct virtual video sessions with your students to support distance learning. Share assignments through Google Classroom. Upload classroom rosters and import student performance reports from additional assessments. Additionally, single sign-on (SSO) is also supported through integration with Google and Clever.

A Collaborative Platform for Extended Learning

Personalized User Interfaces for
School Leaders, Teachers, Parents, & Students

Our tailored solutions for schools and districts offer the tools that are required to boost student success.
Each program is designed to supplement classroom instruction for students with standards-aligned flexible learning resources. These programs involve and empower all key stakeholders in improving a student's overall performance and school's ranking with rigorous learning content, user-friendly platform, & AI-powered intervention support.

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