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Lumos Fluent Reader Helps Students Become Proficient Readers

Designed by expert educators, Lumos Fluent Reader is a state-of-the-art online reading skill improvement program - a game-changer for accelerating reading comprehension skills and improving K-12 students' reading performance levels on the state assessments.

Assess the students' reading comprehension skills with a robust adaptive diagnostic test asking students different comprehension questions.
Facilitate personalized help with an AI-powered conversational bot that helps every student complete engaging pre-reading activities and practice critical standards in English Language Arts (ELA) in an empathetic environment.
Allow rigorous standards-aligned practice utilizing various genres, including classics, stories, folk-tales, poetry, fables, and more!
Push your students to make more connections to their reading with quiz questions specific to the texts they're reading, consisting of open and close-ended questions.
Focus on reading instruction while saving time with automated remediation and grading powered by artificial intelligence.
Track students' mastery of focus skills aligned to state-specific learning standards and deliver targeted instructions.
Lumos Fluent Reader Program

Comprehensive Features to Develop and Nurture Better
Reading Comprehension Skills

Comprehensive Features To Develop and Nurture Your Students’ Oral Reading Fluency Skills

Reading Comprehension Quiz

An interactive quiz that includes Recall and Retell. It requires the students to demonstrate their understanding of the story or passage.

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Adaptive Diagnostic Test

Gain comprehensive visibility on the students' comprehension skills, helping you place students in instructionally appropriate level texts.

  • Find out at which level to start a student.
  • Determine when a student is ready to move to the next level.
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Rigorous Standards-aligned Lexile-leveled Reading Content

Ensure grade-level skills mastery with various texts (i.e., narrative, informative, and argumentative) covering all reading and language standards.

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Engaging Pre-reading Activities

Activate background knowledge, and help students anticipate the topic, vocabulary, summary, and important grammar structures in the texts with pre-reading activities that include summarizations, facts, visual clues, and more!

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Self-paced Guided Practice with AI-powered Chatbot

Empower students to undertake pre-reading activities and practice critical ELA standards independently in an empathetic environment that nurtures every student irrespective of their current proficiency level.

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Reading Comprehension Quiz

Let your students demonstrate their understanding of the texts they're reading powered by an interactive quiz that includes Recall and Retell.

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Teacher modeling

Allow students to listen to a story or passage read to them as they follow along with the highlighted text, helping them understand the strategy used by skilled readers to approach, read, and interpret a text.

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Mind mapping for understanding narrative text

Enable students to diagram the story grammar of the text to raise their awareness of the elements the author uses to construct the story - draw out any ideas and thoughts that come to mind, then organize them to plot out storylines, character relationships, and more.

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Flashcube for vocabulary skills development

Allow students to learn words and visually explore different aspects of mastering a new word. Each face of the cube provides useful information ranging from the word definition, parts of speech, pronunciation to usage.

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Students' interest-based reading choices

Motivate students with the option to self-select from hundreds of reading choices.

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Deep Remediation for Improved Standard Proficiency

Empower students to learn at their own pace by giving them automatic access to additional practice material based upon their performance on the assignments, ensuring mastery of state standards.

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Personalized gamified learning experience

Maximize student engagement by rewarding them with coins post successful completion of every reading passage.

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Easy-to-read Reports And Intuitive Dashboard

Track your students' progress throughout the year with easy-to-understand reports and an intuitive dashboard. Easily identify struggling students and high-performers. Quickly analyze performance on the individual level, class level, and school level, respectively.

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Lumos EdSearch, an Educational Search Engine

Discover and assign thousands of curated standards-aligned study resources, including reading passages, vocabulary practice aids, videos, worksheets, and much more.

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Smartboard Practice Mode

Provide individualized feedback and improve student engagement with shared group assignments (in a physical or virtual classroom session) and view the students' responses in real-time.

The Lumos Guided Practice in the Fluent Reader student portal is an intelligent AI-powered conversational system. Like a teacher, it provides interactive voice and visual aid to motivate and engage learners, helping them complete various pre-reading activities independently in an empathetic environment.

Supporting students with guided practice helps them strengthen their word knowledge, writing about reading, increase their background knowledge, and improve their recall and comprehension.

Backed by scientific research, the various pre-reading activities offered by the Fluent Reader program are designed to help give your students structure, guidance, and background knowledge before they begin exploring a new text. These can encourage the learners to want to read and maybe even increase their motivation to read.

It shows them a few pictures and the title related to the topic of the reading. Next, it asks students to connect the pictures and the title and guess what they might learn in a text they're about to hear or read.
It reads out and displays the summary of the text that they're going to read.
It makes them aware of a few important points within the text, building interest and curiosity.
It asks a few personalized questions to involve students talking about a single topic for a short burst of time, helping them feel comfortable and relaxed.
It selects essential vocabulary that are essential to understanding the text and allows the students to interactively explore different aspects of mastering a new word. Each face of the cube provides useful information ranging from the word definition, parts of speech, pronunciation to usage.
It's a teacher modeling activity that presents the text to the students and reads to them as they follow along with the text.

How Much Does Lumos Fluent Reader Cost?

  • Accelerates reading comprehension skills
  • Rigorous standards-aligned Lexile-leveled reading content
  • Self-paced Guided Practice in an empathetic environment
  • Developed by educators
  • Free product training and full-time support for you and your teachers

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