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  • Easily store, organize & share your videos with a robust video asset manager
  • Instantly make 100% of your videos fully searchable, accessible, and engaging
  • Quickly catalog and share training videos, webcasts, meetings, how-tos, and more
  • Empower everyone to find and jump to the right video and the right moment - faster
  • Produce superior user experience with machine learning generated Smart Video Content
  • Save up to 50% of your Zoom and Dropbox cloud storage cost

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Build Your Organization's Knowledge Warehouse

Knowledge Assistant is a secure and searchable enterprise video library designed to help businesses streamline knowledge sharing, skill development, and collaboration by harnessing the power of videos. Think of it as your company's own YouTube, only more secured, branded, and controlled.

Lumos Knowledge Assistant

Discover The Value Hidden Inside Your Corporate Video Assets

Securely Centralize and Organize Your Valuable Video Assets

Put all your valuable informational and educational videos in a centralized organizational repository. Quickly create catalogs for events, departments, projects, or products, empowering stakeholders to access helpful resources - easily and instantly.

Easily Manage and Share Video Content Within Minutes

Any manager, trainer, or employee can quickly upload/import any video to your secure video portal, making them easy to find, stream and share via URL, embed code, or control access by users.

Build a Fully-Searchable Video Knowledge base

In Knowledge Assistant, every word spoken in your videos is searchable, so anyone can instantly find and jump to exactly what they're looking for - fast and painlessly, resulting in improved productivity.

Deliver Superior User Experience

Easily make any video come alive and improve engagement with automatic transcription, summaries, table of content, closed captioning, topics, and Q&As.

Do More With Your Zoom Recordings

Save up to 50% of your cloud storage cost by quickly importing your zoom recordings into your Knowledge Assistant and providing easy and immediate access to automatically transcribed meeting recordings across teams. In addition, you can even automatically offload your videos from their source to a catalog, helping you save time and money!

See who's watching what and what's watched most

Get access to easy-to-read video analytics on individual videos and your entire video library, so you can learn what's working and what isn't.


How Can Knowledge Assistant Help Your Organization?

Fuel Your Customer Growth via Engaging Content

Unlock the power of inbound marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) to leverage the full potential of your content marketing initiatives

By making some of your catalog of educational and informational content accessible and searchable, you can;


Draw the right people with relevant and valuable content that establishes you as a trusted brand with whom they want to engage.


Present them with an opportunity to explore and experience some of your professional content that aligns with their pain points and goals, so they're more likely to buy from you.

Capture Lead

Give away a free subscription to your content to gather the contact details of highly interested learners.


Send targeted messages to encourage them to take action via drip campaigns aligned with their learning interests and highlight the benefits of your premium subscription and membership.


Allow the free/paid users to explore and securely subscribe to additional resources you offer powered by the centralized marketplace within your white-labeled platform.

Gain Loyalty

Drive full-year engagement with your subscribers with the resource catalog including, podcasts, webcasts, ebooks, newsletters, etc.

Knowledge Assistant Is Designed To Support Every Department In Your Business

Sales Team

Video is becoming an increasingly popular tactic with sales teams. A video library can help sales teams be more efficient and close more deals, whether for training or outbound prospecting.

Knowledge Assistant Is Designed To Support Every Department In Your Business

Customer Service Teams

How-tos are among the most popular kinds of video, so it only makes sense that there's plenty the customer service team can do with video. Lumos Knowledge Assistant makes it simple for customer support teams to improve service quality.

Knowledge Assistant Is Designed To Support Every Department In Your Business

Engineering Teams

Lumos Knowledge Assistant makes engineering teams' lives more manageable than ever by letting them manage and organize all of their projects in one place.

Knowledge Assistant Is Designed To Support Every Department In Your Business

Human Resource Teams

Lumos Knowledge Assistant helps HR leaders deliver impactful onboarding, training, and corporate communications.

Powerful Features To Help Your Business Harness The Power of Your Videos

Upload video files from your hard drive or favorite cloud platforms, including YouTube, Dropbox, Zoom, and type away!

Stay organized by categorizing all your videos neatly with our flexible catalogs.

Securely embed any video content from your library/catalog to blogs or web pages in seconds. Your content comes alive with automated transcripts, summary, smart table of content, and FAQs, improving searchability and engagement. Customize to suit your unique visual style and specify allowed domains to limit where your embed codes can load and play.

Search across all your media files for keywords and phrases. Then, instantly jump to those critical moments with one click.

Power up your video content with editable and searchable transcripts within minutes. The transcripts are also automatically timestamped - click to play the video or audio from that exact moment.

Make your video and audio content more accessible, allowing viewers to follow along with the audio and video or captions interchangeably.

Automatically generate and edit video or audio summaries in a textual format that helps learn the essence rapidly.

Instantly produce editable questions and answers for your video or audio content, improving audience engagement.

Create, edit, and display a table of content with thumbnails for every video, making it easier to navigate - click to play from that precise moment.

Easily and securely share your media files with internal and external stakeholders with just a click.

All of your sensitive transcripts and media files are stored in a secure cloud environment backed by the assurance of Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Upload video files from your hard drive or favorite cloud platforms, including YouTube, Dropbox, Zoom, and type away!