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Back-To-School Refresher

Designed to Overcome Summer and COVID Slide

  • Math, Reading & Writing Practice
  • Study Plan Personalized for Your Child
  • Scoring & Feedback for Student Responses
  • Targeted Remedial Practice
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Address Learning Gaps with Targeted Remedial Practice.
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Why I Chose Lumos StepUp

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  • Back to School Refresher Test Measures the Extent of summer learning loss and identifies the learning gaps.
  • Individualized Remedial Practice Recommends Personalized practice and learning plan to address critical skill gaps.
  • Personalized Learning Experience With the ability to learn at their own speed, student learning modules are customized to their unique needs.
  • Visibility to Student Progress Parents can access their child's work and view real-time reports to further tailor the learning program.
  • Fun, Comprehensive Learning Content StepUp's thousands of practice questions correspond to a precise set of learning standards.
  • 24/7/365 Access and Support Access StepUp through your PC, tablet or smartphone – any time of the day or night!

Self-Paced Empathetic Guidance

Guided Practice
  • An AI-powered learning assistant
  • Personalized guided practice
  • Supports textual and verbal queries
  • Individualized recommendations to meet learning needs

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