Reading Buddy

Oral Reading Fluency Program

  • Boost Reading fluency in the classroom
  • Improve reading confidence among students
  • Get insightful Data to track improvement
  • Make learning fun and interactive
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Reading Buddy Overview

Lumos StepUp Online Test Prep Program

Lumos introduces an industry-first online Fluency Program that helps students to become fluent readers. We have designed a program that addresses specific issues of speed, accuracy, and expression that hinder fluency. Explore the program equipped with advanced machine learning technologies used for building excellent features (Cold reading, Vocab Flashcube, Read Aloud, Hot Reading)

The teacher can easily see the improvement in reading fluency after addressing the insights given by the data-rich reports. The students gain confidence after using our Read Aloud feature to read stories without hesitation.

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Key Features

Cold Reading

A student reads a story for the first time, records it, and sends it for grading to a parent or a teacher.

Vocabulary Flashcubes

Flashcubes list out the important words from the story along with its meaning, usage, and pronunciation.


The student reads along with pre-recorded audio, can listen to the audio file more than once to get familiar with the text.

Hot Reading

The student re-reads the story without the audio support, records it, and sends it for grading to a parent or a teacher.

Interactive Quiz

The student takes a quiz and answers questions about the story.

Data-rich Reports

Machine-learning powered data-rich reports that provide comprehensive and instant reports for insights.

Key Benefits


  • Improve fluency at a young age
  • Helps in building confidence to read aloud
  • Interactive chat support to help you anytime
  • Interactive Quiz to build comprehension skills


  • Make learning fun and interactive
  • Insightful reports to address specific issues
  • Interactive chat support to help you anytime
  • Automated fluency measurement for instant feedback


  • Equal opportunity for all students
  • Monitor students performance
  • Boost your students overall reading performance
  • Build comprehension skills helpful in other subjects

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    Research Validations

    Reading Buddy is specially designed for grades 2 and 3 when fluency skills development matters the most.

    A 2015 study of primary school children in third grade found that children who made inappropriate pauses, mistakes in content, and inconsistencies in pitch—all indications of an oral fluency struggle—were less skilled in reading comprehension later on.

    Another Research report says there is a positive relationship between reading fluency and school outcomes across school levels (primary, secondary, and high school), after controlling the effect of reading comprehension.

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