Drive Better Student Outcomes on State Assessments

Meticulous formative assessments for classrooms

Realistic assessment practice that mimics the state assessment blueprints

Empathetic artificial intelligence-powered intervention for each student

Flexible self-paced remediation

Rigorous standards-aligned learning content

Actionable performance data for school leaders and teachers


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Realistic State Assessment Practice

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Lumos StepUp Improves Student Achievement on State Assessments

Designed by expert educators, Lumos StepUp is a standards-aligned Smart Test Prep Study Program that provides realistic state assessment rehearsal and path-breaking remedial practice powered by artificial intelligence.


Students take the first online diagnostic assessment, which helps assess their proficiency levels in various standards.


StepUp generates a personalized study plan with a standard checklist based on student performance.


Educators use the study plan to remediate the proficiency gaps with targeted standards-based remedial practice available through digital workbooks.


Students now attempt the second online practice test.


StepUp generates another individualized study plan by identifying topics that require additional practice.


Based on these practice suggestions, further skill-building activities are planned to help students gain the comprehensive mastery needed to ensure success on the state assessments.

The Most Trusted and Proven State Assessment Prep Solution

Fantastic! So helpful in preparing for state testing.

Allison Evans E, Teacher at Carlstadt Public School

Great resource to get students prepared for testing!

Melissa W, Teacher

This is perfect to help my students prepare for the types of questions they will see on the state test, including the format.

Jamie R, Educator

Why Choose Lumos StepUp?

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Formative Assessments For Classrooms

Meticulous Formative Assessments For Classrooms

Create assessments instantly (for individual and group work) utilizing a high-quality item bank including all tech-enhanced question types – create custom assessments, or mix and match.

Assessment Practice That Mirror State Assessment Blueprints

Realistic Assessment Practice That Mirror State Assessment Blueprints

Provide students with familiarity and the chance to gain confidence in their test-taking skills with realistic practice tests that mirror the state assessment blueprints. The comprehensive practice assessments pinpoint each students’ areas of strength and weaknesses.

Deep Remediation
For Improved Standard Proficiency

Deep Remediation For Improved Standard Proficiency

Allow students to learn at their own pace by giving them automatic access to additional practice material based upon their performance on the assignments, ensuring mastery of state standards.

Guided Practice via Lumos Assistant

Self-paced Guided Practice via
Lumos Assistant

Facilitate personalized help for every student in an empathetic environment with an AI-powered interactive chatbot, helping them develop a conceptual understanding of specific topics in Math and English Language Arts (ELA).

Standards-Aligned Learning Content At Your Fingertips!

Rigorous Standards-Aligned Learning Content At Your Fingertips!

Ensure grade-level skills mastery with a vast collection of digital workbooks, worksheets, videos, and many more that correspond to a specific set of state learning standards in Math and English Language Arts (ELA).

and Actionable Reports To Monitor Student Progress And Measure Growth

Insightful and Actionable Reports To Monitor Student Progress
And Measure Growth

Drive district or school-wide improvement initiatives with a full suite of easy-to-read reports and a real-time dashboard providing a holistic view of key performance data anytime, anywhere.

Robust Features To Ensure High Scores on State Assessments

  • Assign practice tests that mirror state assessments
  • Track student activity and performance
  • Pinpoint student areas of difficulty
  • Develop custom lessons & assignments
  • Deliver personalized instruction & provide targeted support
  • Conduct live interactive quizzes in the classroom.
  • Help students collaboratively complete practice sessions.
  • Access student responses in real-time to personalize instruction.
  • Safe online instruction for remote learning.
  • Video conferencing with Zoom, Google Meet.
  • Guide and instruct students through each question.
  • Real-time classroom sessions with ready learning content.
  • Align assignments with your lesson plans
  • Flexibility to schedule assignments for future dates
  • Create your class assessments with the readily available item bank.
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Supports single sign-on (SSO) through Google and Clever
  • Share assignments on Google Classroom

If you're looking for ways to aid students in learning autonomously after classroom sessions, Guided Practice in StepUp can help you achieve that.

The Lumos Guided Practice for students is an intelligent AI-Powered learning assistant. Like a teacher, it helps students practice critical standards in an empathetic environment that nurtures every student irrespective of their current proficiency level.

  • Progress Summary: Easily track each student’s progress
  • Diagnostic Report: To pinpoint areas of difficulty and showcase proficiency data
  • Insights by Lesson: Measure classroom proficiency
  • Standards Mastery Overview: Identify skill gaps and deliver targeted instruction
  • Activity Report: Identifies inactive students at any given period of time
  • Benchmark Report: Measure student improvement and progress through periodic assessments

Customize proficiency levels for your students. Detailed report on partial proficient, proficient, and advanced proficient students.

  • Diagnose and assess each student’s writing level
  • Identify common spelling and grammatical errors
  • Focus attention on struggling writers requiring assistance
  • Supports personalized feedback and scoring for extended response questions
  • AI-powered score predictor to save valuable teaching time
  • Offer a directional score from 0 to 4
  • Evaluate and grade student written responses
  • Objective and consistent grading of ECR questions
  • Automatic Assignments to Reinforce Standards Mastery
  • Automatic Foundational Skills Practice Assignments
  • Improve student achievement on state assessment
  • Get comprehensive data required for compliance and accountability
  • Drive school-wide or district-wide instructional plan
  • Easily monitor and influence student and teacher activity
  • Simple implementation and efficient integration with your systems
  • Identify high-performing and low-performing classrooms
  • Compare scores across grades within a school
  • Monitor teacher and student activity
  • Pinpoint learning gaps and determine action plans
  • Track program usage
  • Import student test scores
  • Focused remediation to provide instant access to remedial practice assignments
  • Export reports for compliance & accountability documentations
  • Access to all teacher and student account information
  • Schedule assignments, quizzes, and assessments
  • Instant access to assignments and assessments
  • Immediate feedback with score reporting
  • AI-powered guided practice via Lumos Assistant
  • Access to EdSearch with hundreds of learning resources
  • Easy-to-use improvement tracker report
  • AI-powered personalized learning
  • Guided learning paths
  • Supports textual and verbal queries
  • Individualized recommendations to meet learning needs
  • An AI-powered learning assistant
  • Easy access to priority assignments
  • Alerts about pending & completed assignments
  • Motivates students to progress and improve
  • Students can view the results after completing the test.
  • Instant recommendation based on students' performance.
  • Students can view detailed explanations for all answers.
  • Technology-enhanced item types practice
  • Helps students gain confidence before the actual test

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