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Julienne Shields

Julienne Shields

Julienne Shields, CEO of United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship® (USASBE)

"Online conferences face many distractions, and incorporating searchable access to the content generated at a virtual conference is enthusiastically embraced by our members. Further, as USASBE builds out targeted certifications, professional development workshops, and other virtual programs that will help our members and the world, Lumos Learning's platform will help USASBE achieve its mission."

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Lumos StepUp Your Events is a robust and affordable after-event success platform that helps repurpose and monetize your event/conference content.

This cutting-edge turnkey solution provides everything you need to create and sell digital programs for on-demand access and certifications, resulting in increased revenue while offering additional value to your members and non-members.

Highly Customized White Labeled Solution

Boost your brand's visibility and save time and money with a highly customizable white-labeled solution.

Allows Members to Discover and Securely Subscribe to Additional Workshops, Certifications, and Learning Resources

Guarantee full-year engagement with a centralized marketplace, enabling members to explore and securely purchase more professional development courses and certification programs.

Video Hub - Fully Searchable Video and Audio Resources

Video Hub - Organize and Search Your Videos

Save significant time for your users with the advanced search capability. It enables them to search across your compendium for specific spoken words or sentences. Then, instantly jump to those critical moments with one click.

State-of-the-art Learning Environment

Personalized and Self-paced Learning Experience

Deliver a personalized and self-paced learning experience by leveraging advances in search, speech, and video processing technology

  • Automated Video and Audio Transcription
  • Closed Captioning
  • A Smart Table of Content
  • Automated Summaries
  • Topics Extraction
  • Automatic FAQs

Event Management Dashboard

Event Admin Dashboard

Measure your event ROI with an intuitive dashboard, allowing instant access to easy-to-read revenue and usage reports.

Powerful Features To Empower Event Owners, Organizers and Marketers To Maximize ROI

Hassle-free onboarding

Turnkey service with course management

Secure transaction handling

Fully-searchable video and audio listing

Machine Learning-powered Smart Content - Summary, FAQs, Table Of Content, and More!

Dedicated user interfaces for admins, instructors, and learners

Support for many learning contents, including videos, pdfs, quizzes, presentations, and much more.

Offer certifications, verifiable credentials

Centralized marketplace for members to review and purchase access to additional learning resources, including workshops, certifications, etc

Securely add your smart videos and audios to blogs or webpages in seconds using simple embed code. Your content comes alive with machine learning enriched smart content, improving searchability and engagement. Customize to suit your unique visual style and specify allowed domains to limit where your embed codes can load and play.

Intuitive dashboard and actionable analytics - registration, revenue, usage reports, and more!

Secure cloud environment

Responsive online platform for any time, anywhere access

Mobile app


Success Story

Professional Development Platform for United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship® (USASBE)

StepUp Your Events Making USASBE Conference Sessions and Workshops Searchable and Accessible

  • 2021 Conference Sessions Compendium
  • Certification Programs
  • Professional Development Workshops

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