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  • Improve reading confidence
  • Enhance word mastery and reading comprehension
  • Actionable easy-to-read fluency metrics report

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How Tiger Got his Stripes


Grade Level: K-2 | Lexile Level: 540L | Genre: Picture Books

Rob Cleveland is an award-winning author, professional storyteller, workshop leader, accomplished film and stage actor, and a popular comedian. Rob has authored seven Story Cove picture books. He is also a popular keynote speaker for state and regional reading conferences where he shares his perspective on the unique role that folktales play in our lives and the critical contribution that the oral tradition can make in helping young children develop their core reading skills Read more

Reading Buddy, An Interactive Digital Oral Reading Fluency Program

Lumos StepUp Online Test Prep Program

The groundbreaking Lumos Reading Buddy online program helps childrens become proficient readers by improving their overall reading ability – accuracy, speed, and expression.

It allows them to enjoy fun and engaging stories that match their independent reading level and creates an immersive experience through innovative learning tools.

The program is carefully designed by expert teachers. It combines proven research-based methodologies such as independent reading, teacher modeling, repeated reading, vocabulary practice with advances in speech processing and machine learning to provide empathetic oral reading fluency support, allowing childrens to;

Read and record engaging stories or passages

Practice vocabulary via fun Lumos FlashCube

Hear the story read by an expert teacher

Repeat the reading

Answer interactive Reading Comprehension Quiz

Key Benefits Of The Reading Buddy Program


Children To Practice Reading

Practicing and recording engaging stories matched to their independent reading level helps childrens build an interest, improving their confidence and achievement in reading.


Overall Reading Ability

Using proven research-based methodologies such as independent reading, teacher modeling, repeated reading, vocabulary practice help childrens improve their core fluency skills – accuracy, speed, and expression.


Oral Fluency Progress

Utilize the rich and automated reading proficiency reports for measuring growth and positive reinforcement.

Fluency Metrics Report
Fluency Metrics Report
Intensity and Pitch Report
Intensity Comparision Report
Pitch Comparison Report
Prolonging Report
Rapid Reading Report
Substitution Report
Insertion Report
Repetition Metrics Report
Omission Metrics Report
Text Comparision Report

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