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Designed for associations and nonprofits, StepUp Professional Learning offers a robust all-in-one platform for learning management and content delivery

  • Discover your full continuing education potential
  • Meet your members' professional development needs
  • Do more with your professional conference content
  • Stimulate year-round engagement and boost retention

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Julienne Shields


"Online conferences face many distractions, and incorporating searchable access to the content generated at a virtual conference is enthusiastically embraced by our members. Further, as USASBE builds out targeted certifications, professional development workshops, and other virtual programs that will help our members and the world, Lumos Learning's platform will help USASBE achieve its mission."

Empower Professional Development with StepUp Professional Learning

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StepUp Professional Learning is a robust learning management system (LMS) and knowledge management solution that allows nonprofits and associations to;

  • Create, market, sell, and deliver on-demand online professional courses and certification exams as a part of a comprehensive continuing education program.

  • Streamline leadership, volunteer, and employee orientation, skills enhancement and knowledge sharing processes tailored for your association.

How Can StepUp Professional Learning Help?

Increase Online Education Revenue

Expand your education library and professional development programs, including certifications.

Extend The Lifetime Value Of Your Professional Conference Content

Manage and distribute completely searchable on-demand access to your virtual, hybrid, and in-person conference proceedings. You can share access via an access code, purchase, or make it public, providing more value to your members and non-members.

Showcase The Quality of Your Educational Offerings

Engage your members with a curated and customized educational experience.

Become an Industry Thought Leader

Offer an accessible and intuitive learner interface combined with robust administration capabilities.

Attract a New Audience for Your Association

Unlock the power of SEO by offering them easily searchable, accessible, and engaging content.

Stimulate a High Level of Interest and Loyalty from Your Community

Drive full-year engagement with built-in promotional tools and resource catalog, including podcasts, webcasts, and more!

Improve The Volunteering and Leadership Experience

Implement structured orientation, skills enhancement, and knowledge transfer processes for your employees, volunteers, and leadership - specifically tailored to suit your association's requirements.

Fuel Your Membership Growth With Engaging Content


Unleash the power of inbound marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) to help potential members discover and engage with your association's quality professional content.

StepUp Professional Learning provides robust capabilities to empower your potential members to reach their goals at any stage in their journey with you.

By making some of your catalog of professional learning content accessible and searchable, you can;


Draw the right people with relevant and valuable content that establishes you as a trusted brand with whom they want to engage.


Present them with an opportunity to explore and experience some of your professional content that aligns with their pain points and goals, so they're more likely to buy from you.

Capture Lead

Give away a free subscription to your content to gather the contact details of highly interested learners.


Send targeted messages to encourage them to take action via drip campaigns aligned with their learning interests and highlight the benefits of your premium subscription and membership.


Allow the free/paid users to explore and securely subscribe to additional professional learning resources your association offers powered by the centralized marketplace within your white-labeled platform.

Gain Loyalty

Drive full-year engagement with your subscribers with the resource catalog including, podcasts, webcasts, ebooks, newsletters, etc.


StepUp Professional Learning Supports Associations Across Industries


Healthcare/ Medical/ Pharmaceutical




Software/ Technology


Accounting & Banking

Food & Beverage


Easily And Quickly Monetize Your Professional Development Content With StepUp Professional Learning

Build Your Course With a Flexible LMS

Streamline and manage online courses, data, and continuing education – from start to finish.

  • Easily upload videos, build quizzes, and organize all your learning content.

  • Get started instantly with a self-service option with complimentary product training support, or let our experts build it for you so that you can focus on what you do best.

White-labeled Solution

StepUp Professional Learning offers a versatile and flexible market-ready e-learning platform to launch your continuing education program faster & cheaper.

  • Customize your course experience to suit your brand's identity and specific requirements, including a web domain.

  • Get total control over your content, pricing, and data.

Centralized Marketplace for Members/Learners

Allow members to discover and securely subscribe to additional workshops, courses, certifications, and learning resources.

Continuing Education and Certification

  • Monitor course progress and automatically deliver custom certificates with different criteria readily developed as per your requirements.

  • Complete control on the content, conditions, validity, and policies for each certification program is supported.

  • Use coupons and discounts to entice learners.

  • Sell single courses or bundle them together.

  • Promote related courses pre and post-enrollment.

  • Secure transaction handling and easy checkout support.

Learning Environment

Deliver superior learning experiences leveraging advances in search, speech, and video processing technology.

  • Automated Video and Audio Transcription

  • Closed Captioning

  • A Smart Table of Content

  • Automated Summaries

  • Automatic FAQs

Fully Searchable
Video and Audio Content

Powered by the industry-first advanced search capability, enable your members/learners to search and precisely find what they're looking for—fast and painlessly.

Video Hub - Organize and Search Your Videos

Cohort Management

  • Define course order, completion conditions, and course prerequisites.

  • Include all kinds of resources in your courses, including videos, audios, images, powerpoints, pdfs, questions, tech-enhanced items, and more.

Event Admin Dashboard

Actionable Insights and
Easy-to-read Reports

  • Review and analyze your revenue performance

  • Monitor your learners' progress and track their performance on assessments

  • Access usage reports


  • Create, edit and share byte-size branded promotional videos on your social media network quickly and easily with no video editing know-how.

  • Attract and enroll more learners with built-in acquisition tools.


Add Your Smart Videos and Audios to Web Pages Using Simple Embed Code

  • Securely embed any video or audio from your catalog and make it come alive with automated transcripts, summary, smart table of content, and FAQs, improving searchability and engagement.

  • Customize to suit your unique visual style and specify allowed domains to limit where your embed codes can load and play.

Centralized Repository

  • Save up to 50% of your cloud storage cost by importing your recorded content from Zoom, Dropbox, or your favorite cloud platforms.

  • Stay organized by categorizing all your video and audio resources neatly with the flexible folder system.

Success Story

Professional Development Platform for United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship® (USASBE)

StepUp Professional Learning Making USASBE Conference Sessions and Workshops Searchable and Accessible

  • 2021 Conference Sessions Compendium
  • Certification Programs
  • Professional Development Workshops

Learn How StepUp Professional Learning Can Help Your Association Increase Member Engagement and Non-dues Revenue