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Accelerated SAT Prep Resources

SAT study resources

SAT Prep Workbooks With Online Assessment Practice

Lumos tedBook for SAT Math and ELA practice offers everything you need to prepare for the high-stakes SAT in an efficient and effective (Smart) way. It leverages the Lumos Smart Test Prep Methodology to guide you in a planned learning path to ensure high scores on the 2021 SAT.

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Online SAT Practice Program

The Smart SAT Prep study program provides realistic SAT rehearsal for all four sections and path-breaking remedial practice powered by Artificial Intelligence.

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Free SAT Practice Tests

The free SAT resources are designed to familiarize students with both the test format and the standards assessed. These are based on Lumos Smart Test Prep methodology that optimizes the preparation time for students.

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Accelerated SAT Study Guide

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  • Available for math, reading, language & writing, & essay
  • Saves time by providing focused and smart practice
  • Familiarize with the testing environment and standards
  • Remedial tools to pinpoint & strengthen the weaker areas
  • Based on Lumos Smart Test Prep Methodology

SAT Online Program

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  • Realistic practice tests that mirror SAT format & learning standards
  • Remedial tools to help you practice more on your weak areas
  • Consultation with lumos coach for personalized study plan
  • Includes practice for all sections of SAT
SAT worksheet

Free SAT Practice Tests

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  • Includes hundreds of questions for math, reading, writing & language, and essay
  • Familiarizes students with both the test format and standards assessed.
  • Based on lumos smart test prep methodology that optimizes the preparation time for students.


Comprehensive Features To Develop and Nurture Your Students’ Oral Reading Fluency Skills

Reading Comprehension Quiz

An interactive quiz that includes Recall and Retell. It requires the students to demonstrate their understanding of the story or passage.