Impact of Common Core Standards on academic improvement

More thorough principles in math and English language arts have added to enhanced academic accomplishment for students in many states. A late examination took a gander at enhancements in test scores from the 2014-15 school year to the 2015-16 school … Continue reading

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Understanding PARCC Asessments. What are the assessments based on? Which states are following PARRC Assessments?

Download free podcast by Julie Lyons on Understanding Parcc Asessments. What Are the Assessments Based on? Which States Are Following Parrc Assessments? The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) is one of the two state consortiums … Continue reading

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Illinois state receives $7 million grants

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) has been awarded $7 million grants by The Institute of Education Sciences (IES) to develop a data system named Illinois Statewide Longitudinal P-20 Data System (SLDS). “The ability to collect and track data … Continue reading

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Tennessee Teacher of the year – Cathy Whitehead

Cathy Whitehead has been awarded as Tennessee Teacher of the year for the year 2015-16. She is well known for her leadership and for her instructions to students. “The Teacher of the Year Awards is an opportunity to recognize instructional … Continue reading

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How educators perceive the latest PARCC scores?

Download free podcast by Marisa Adams on How Educators Perceive the Latest Parcc Scores? The Common Core State Standard initiative brought with it a complication just as burdensome to educators as the task of turning over the content and depth … Continue reading

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Making the Shift: Common Core Teacher Resources

Common Core Teacher's resource

New teacher evaluations. New state tests. New standards. The myriad educational changes may seem overwhelming at times, especially for teachers who are trying to juggle the typical demands of a classroom, all the while adjusting their instruction and practice to reflect the continual educational shifts. And although the extra time and effort needed to make these changes are unavoidable to a certain extent, there are resources available to help make the transition smoother. Consider using the following teacher resources, materials, and samples to help out with your lesson planning, instruction, and materials:
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Helping Your Child Succeed in a Climate of Educational Change


With the introduction of the Common Core Standards, school districts across the country have had to adjust their curriculum, testing procedures, and teaching methodologies. With change comes uncertainty, and the stress of the unknown carries with it the potential to affect all involved parties… including students.

As a parent, you may sense the differences – especially if you have more than one child who has gone through the same school. You may have noticed that even with the same teacher, requirements and expectations may have shifted over the past few years in response to the Common Core. Though these changes, left unchecked, can create stress for teachers and students alike, there are ways that you, as a parent, can help your child navigate any potential challenges as she or he faces more rigorous assignments, expectations, and criteria… Continue reading

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A Review of Sample Language Art Questions Released by PARCC: Implications for English Language Arts/Literacy

The upcoming PARCC assessment for ELA will continue to ask students to read passages, answer follow-up questions, and complete writing tasks. However, with this new generation of standardized tests, the format and complexity of those questions will be taken to a new level.
PARCC sample question review
This week we will look at one portion of the ELA assessment – the section that focuses on narrative writing (following the reading of a fictional passage) for Grade 6. While this set of samples is grade-specific, the rationale in creating the questions, the format, and the prerequisite technological skills is universal, regardless of the grade. Three key shifts in the PARCC for ELA are as follows… Continue reading

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