Improve Students Success on OST 2021
  • Realistic assessment practice that mimic OST 2021
  • Artificial intelligence powered personalized intervention and remediation
  • Rigorous standards-aligned learning content
366,800 Students
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Lumos StepUp to Boost OST 2020-21 Test Scores

Lumos StepUp is an innovative online learning program designed to help students master critical skills and prepare for the OST. The program offers two full-length practice test that mirrors OST assessment along with personalized remedial practice.

With over a decade of experience in developing practice resources for standardized tests, Lumos Learning has created a dynamic system to help students succeed on the state assessments. Lumos Smart Test Practice methodology offers students a realistic OST assessment rehearsal and the tools to overcome each proficiency gap.


Printed Workbooks for OST Practice

  • Online Access to OST Summative Practice Tests
  • Remedial practice to address proficiency gap
  • Additional Diagnostic Test
  • Answer keys with Detailed Explanations
  • Covers all Math/ELA domains
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Self-Paced Individualized Practice for Each Student

  • Anytime anywhere learning assistant powered by Artificial Intelligence.
  • Offers personalized guided practice with step-by-step instruction.
  • Supports textual & verbal inputs during learning sessions.
  • Provides individually tailored precise practice to support each student.
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Realistic assessment practice that mimic OST 2021

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