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SBAC Practice Resources for Grades 3-8

SBAC Grade 3-8 Math and ELA Book

The books in this series are designed to help students practice foundational skills in the Common Core State Standards. In addition to the practice sections, students will have access to two full-length CAT and PT practice tests online. Completing these tests will help students master the different areas that are included in newly aligned SBAC tests and practice test-taking skills.

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    This Book Includes: Access to Online SBAC Practice Assessments
    • Two Performance Tasks (PT)
    • Two Computer Adaptive Tests (CAT)
    • Self-paced learning and personalized score reports
    • Strategies for building speed and accuracy
    • Instant feedback after completion of the Assessments
    Standards-based practice
    • Five CCSS Domains in Math
    • Three CCSS strands in English Language Arts
    • Detailed answer explanations for every question
    • Strategies for building speed and accuracy
    • Content aligned with the Common Core State Standards

    What Educators Say

    “It has a lot of great questions that my students were able to practice with. They are at the right level of rigor for pushing my students to think critically about texts.”

    Garrett Dorfman, Grade 3 Literacy Teacher at KIPP NEW ORLEANS SCHOOLS (LA)

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