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Assess & Monitor Student Progress. Assign Extra Practice

Lumos StepUp Online Program Provides Realistic Test Practice for SBAC Assessments

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Lumos StepUp™ School Edition: English Language Arts for SBAC
  • TWO Performance Tasks (PT)
  • TWO Computer-Adaptive Tests (CAT)
  • Fifteen Technology-enhanced Item-types
  • Recommend relevant apps and books to students
  • Advanced student Progress Reports that help develop remedial programs
  • Adheres to the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
  • Teacher Portal: Review online work of your students
  • Student Portal: Personalized self-paced learning and Real time progress reports
  • Includes access to online workbooks with hundreds of practice questions
  • Available for Grade 3 - 8 in Math and ELA

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    Lumos Learning Supplemental Study Programs are built in alignment with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and to help with SBAC Assessment Practice. It includes books, eLearning and apps.

    Our Program for Schools are designed by Expert Teachers. It is a proven solution that extends classroom learning and helps schools improve student achievement.
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