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Grade 5 Table of Contents

Use the table below to review the Lumos StepUp™ 5th Grade Math and Language Arts Literacy Lesson Names, Topics, along with their Common Core State Standard (CCSS) Correlations.

Course Name: Lumos StepUp – Grade 5 Math
Lesson Name
Introduction and Diagnostic Test

Diagnostic Test

Operations and Algebraic Thinking

Write & Interpret Numerical Expressions & Patterns Number & Operations in Base Ten

Place Value of Decimals

Multiplication & Division of Powers of Ten

Rounding Decimals

Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide Decimals

Real World Problems Number & Operations – Fractions

Add & Subtract Fractions

Multiply & Divide Fractions

Problem Solving with Fractions Measurement and Data

Units of Measure

Representing and Interpreting Data

Volume Geometry

Coordinate System

2-Dimensional Figures Test Taking Tips

Test Taking Tips

Practice Tests

Practice Test 1

Practice Test 2


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