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PARCC Test Practice - Blended Learning Resources

Lumos tedBook™: Mathematics PARCC Edition


    • TWO Summative Assessments


    • In-depth coverage of tasks assessing concepts, Skills, Procedures, Expressing Mathematical Reasoning, Modeling / Applications


    • Includes access to Mobile Apps


  • PLUS Online Workbooks

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Lumos tedBook™: English Language Arts PARCC Edition

    • TWO Summative Assessments

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    • Additional Practice Passages

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    • Includes Evidence Based Selected Response (EBSR), Technology Enhanced Constructed Response (TECR), Prose Constructed Response (PCR) PARCC question-types

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    • Includes Access to Mobile Apps

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  • PLUS Online Workbooks

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Printed Study Resources – PARCC Edition

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  • #1 in PARCC Resources

These books are designed to help students get PARCC 2017-18 rehearsal along with standards aligned rigorous skills practice.

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  • #1 in PARCC Resources
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Lumos Study Program is used by the leading schools and libraries to improve student achievement.

Lumos StepUp is used by several Elementary and Middle Schools
Lumos StepUp is used by several Libraries
Teacher Testimonial

What Educators Say

“I am very pleased with Lumos Programs. It is one of the most comprehensive study programs that I have seen. Overall, it’s a great resource.”

Mrs.Biondi, Teacher

PLUS Online PARCC Workbooks

  • Hundreds of practice questions with detailed answers
  • Anywhere Access! Learn using a smart phone, tablet or personal computer
  • Self-paced and student-directed

Scan QR Code in the book to instantly access online parcc workbooks

Convenient access to the Common Core State Standards

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Frequently Asked Questions

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