How to prepare for PARCC?

With the PARCC assessment right around the corner, stress level of every educator will be peaking day by day. So, here is a small attempt to lighten your stress and help you with PARCC preparation and get you PARCC ready!

Familiarizing yourself

The first hack in the preparation for the PARCC is to getting yourself and your students familiarize with the facts about PARCC examination. It is always important to know things like dates, session schedules, question types etc. You can always use PARCC manuals to understand more about PARCC exams.

Resources & Practice tests

There are so many resources to get your students ready for PARCC assessments. Websites like Lumos Learning provides realistic test preparation for PARCC. Provide your students with multiple practice tests. By taking practice tests in a realistic environment, the real assessment will be a piece of cake.

For administrators

Getting the students in your districts PARCC ready is very important and no doubt in that. But the question is when to start this preparation? As an administrator, make sure your students get best practice tests and resources to get PARCC ready.

For teachers

Give your students the best and realistic PARCC test practice, review their practice, benchmark your students, motivate them to perform better, create a practice environment and provide them with more practice.

Work smart

Hard work pays off, no doubt in that. But, when you have an option to work smart, always choose to work smart! Provide realistic and updated test materials to your students. Try contacting the Pearson Live Chat support in case of doubts.  

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Jennifer Wilson