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Illinois state receives $7 million grants

idaho map

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) has been awarded $7 million grants by The Institute of Education Sciences (IES) to develop a data system named Illinois Statewide Longitudinal P-20 Data System (SLDS).

“The ability to collect and track data over the course of a child’s academic career and combine this information with data on teachers, school finances, higher education, employment, and so on is an incredibly valuable tool in our effort to provide each student a competitive and high-quality education,” said State Superintendent of Education Tony Smith, Ph.D.

The newly invented data system helps in tracking the progress of the state students from their start of education that is prekindergarten through postsecondary education. ISBE continues to develop and implement the data system with the Office of the Governor and six other state agencies.

SLDS helps in initia focus on Early childhood, High school to college success, Community college feedback, Career pathways, and College/career certificate completion.

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