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Making Entrepreneurship Education Accessible - USASBE 21 Conference Sessions & Workshops


Lumos Learning in conversation with Julienne Shields, CEO at United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship® (USASBE) about the organization, its mission, and the collaboration to make the conference sessions available through the Lumos StepUp learning management system. With this collaboration, USASBE 2021: Be Boldly Unscripted Conference will be made more accessible to a broader audience through Lumos Learning’s Lumos StepUp platform. All the 126 sessions from the conference, along with 4 workshops are now available as easily-digestible learning modules on the Lumos StepUp platform.

      Micro and Alternative Credentials - Webinar 2

      By Lumos Learning

      Micro-credentials have emerged over the past five years in response to the increasing need for smaller, more frequent and more focused learning opportunities that attract academic or industry recognition. However, the micro-credential space is still in a formative state with no universally agreed format or definition, and with many participating actors and emerging models. This session provides an overview of HolonIQ's comprehensive analysis of the micro-credentials market globally, including definition and segmentation of the micro-credentials market, the emerging infrastructure to support micro-credential ecosystems, and analysis of the likely future role of micro-credentials in the post-secondary landscape.

          Parenting a Family with Autism Spectrum Disorder (My Perfect Family: The Priestleys)

          By Lumos Learning

          In the Priestley family, three of four children have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Though Dad, Aidan, was never diagnosed as a child - he too has come to recognise his symptoms through his children and appreciate the value that an earlier diagnosis may have had. The family are high-functioning, and many of those on the outside either don’t see or misunderstand their struggles. But behind the scenes we see the daily effort that goes into navigating the world more comfortably.

              The Life Autistic Documentary

              By Lumos Learning

              Iowans with autism illustrate the nuances of The Life Autistic in this two-hour broadcast special. We meet twelve people of different ages and backgrounds, along with their families and caregivers, to understand the daily lives and future prospects of people with autism. Their stories explore diagnosis, early intervention, family life, treatment, education, employment and independent living. Interviews with experts, educators and advocates -- including famed author and speaker Temple Grandin -- provide greater context and a better understanding of the many expressions of autism. Tyler Leech lends his unique perspective as a member of Iowa’s community of people with autism to the stories from the original Iowa PBS web series.