Lumos StepUp Writing Improvement Program

To Mold Confident Student Writers

Robust Writing Prompts

Benchmarking Tests

Write Metrics to Track and Monitor Improvements

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Writing Skills Improvement Program for Students in Elementary and Middle School

366,200 Students
53,000 Teachers
25,800 Schools

Teach Writing with An Engaging and Interactive Program

Writing Tasks that mimic the state assessment items

✒ Targeted intervention with detailed Write Metrics

✒ A comprehensive and robust database of writing prompts

✒ Practice workbooks on Writing & Language standards

✒ Collaborative platform for parents, teachers, and students

✒ Videos, worksheets, & more to reinforce writing concepts

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ECR and SCR Items As Per State Test Blueprints

Includes Narrative and Informative Writing Tasks

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Comprehensive Database of Writing Prompts

Engaging prompts for students to develop critical writing skills that include styles such as

  • Fables
  • Story
  • Poetry
  • Science
  • Essay
  • History

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Detailed Write Metrics To Measure and Track Student Responses

Advanced algorithms and stylometry to gauge students’ writing skills to help teachers in objective grading along with saving valuable teaching time.

  • Quickly diagnose areas of weakness for each student
  • Get grading support the built-in proofreader that offers error reports
  • Share individualized feedback for each response
  • Question-based report for each student to track common errors
  • Student-based reports to identify skill gaps
  • Track student progress all through the school year
  • Reading Passages that cover all levels in the Lexile Band
  • Ability to set up custom report notifications

Spotlight: Educator Feedback

Last year, when I turned to Lumos, we were a D school but I knew we were not a D school! I knew the potential our kids had if we just found the right tools to prepare them for their end-of-the-year state assessment. After Lumos, we are now a B! The teachers were so impressed with the similarities of Lumos to what our state test expected kids to be able to do. Thank you so much! We are sticking with Lumos!

Mrs. Casey Glusenkamp, Principal at South Side Elementary (MS)

Practice Workbooks On Writing and Language Standards

Standards-based Workbooks on,

StepUp is a Collaborative Platform for Teachers, Administrators, and Parents

  • Visibility to student’s work through teacher and parent portal
  • Individualized feedback to students from teachers
  • Personalized assignments to students
  • Visibility to assignments and homework for parents
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IEP Capabilities to Support All Students in Your Classrooms

Features to support individualized learning with the IEP capabilities included in the program

  • Text-to-Speech
  • Zoom in and zoom out
  • Contrasting
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Additional Support to Promote Flexible Learning

Speaking & Listening Items

Read aloud