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00:02 dr tim's we made it to the end , Can
00:04 you believe it To the end ? Session , four
00:06 session for two p.m. On the East Coast . We
00:11 are streaming live on a number of platforms to bring
00:14 you some highlights from johnson city schools there in Tennessee
00:18 . Dr tim says really organized a fantastic day .
00:21 We started with the counselors , we did a little
00:24 world languages . Then we had a great session with
00:28 wellness and fitness and some pe teachers . They're just
00:31 absolutely great . And now we get to hang out
00:35 um with my favorite topic , I'm biased . It's
00:38 because that's what I thought . It's just part of
00:40 me , it's ingrained into me career in tech Ed
00:43 . And this is honestly something I'm not sure gets
00:47 a lot of attention , which is just breaks my
00:50 heart . But I saw the impact directly on what
00:53 canvas was doing for career in tech educators . And
00:57 there isn't anything that I love more than just hanging
01:00 out with career in tech Ed . People talking about
01:03 how this tool creates a large impact among those students
01:08 that are working towards those career skills or workforce development
01:12 . And I couldn't be happier that this was one
01:14 of the selections that we had when we decided on
01:17 sessions . Dr tim's absolutely . Um , and I
01:21 know they're the last group of the day , but
01:23 truly , I think uh , sometimes uh , in
01:26 our district , you know , when we've talked ,
01:28 we've talked a lot about english , math science ,
01:30 social studies and we've seen a lot of different departments
01:33 today . But this group , our CTE Center has
01:37 truly taken canvas and done things with it that ,
01:40 you know , a lot of us who come from
01:42 the Genet background never would have thought of . So
01:44 I think it's a great way to really cap the
01:46 day , uh , in showcasing what's going on in
01:49 johnson city and there's a robot in this session .
01:52 If anybody hasn't noticed , there's I mean , come
01:55 on . If you have not tried to share this
01:58 with as many people as you could , the robot
02:00 is now moving . It's responding . I don't know
02:02 what's happening . But we're gonna let mike really take
02:05 over and give you a little bit about what's been
02:09 happening in the C . T . World there in
02:11 johnson city . So mike , Jeff heather , Thank
02:14 you so much for being a part of this .
02:16 Again , if you are watching , make sure to
02:18 send us a comment , let us know where you're
02:20 at and who you are . If you have questions
02:23 along the way , we'll be sure to interject and
02:25 and ask them and hopefully get some great feedback from
02:28 these great ct educators in johnson City mike . You're
02:32 up man , it's your turn , Let's do it
02:34 . Alright . Thanks Geoff , thanks first to uh
02:37 in structure and yourself dr temps for uh confidence seems
02:42 to bestowed on us to have a presentation and represent
02:46 the c key department of Science Hill High School .
02:49 Uh wow ! What a challenge it was a year
02:51 ago to think that we would want to put all
02:54 of our lesson plans and instructions that we had for
02:58 this hands on course to make it a virtual classroom
03:01 . You're talking about pulling your hair out , You
03:04 know ? Of course , I really didn't have to
03:06 worry about that . I don't have a lot of
03:08 hair , but there's been a lot of tears and
03:11 a lot of sweat . Uh Our uh I guess
03:17 our peace will call them uh that actually have put
03:21 into making canvas great . I mean , we we
03:25 learned a great deal about canvas and the ins and
03:29 outs and how it works . Uh And I guess
03:31 you considered uh heather , Jeff and myself , we
03:35 were kind of the go to guys and gals that
03:38 someone had a question uh then they would come to
03:41 us and and we would have to stop what we
03:43 were doing uh go help them but we all came
03:47 together and and we were all in we we had
03:50 a hashtag J C . S . L . In
03:52 the C . T . E . Department had a
03:54 hashtag we were all in and we didn't we didn't
03:57 necessarily have to tweet it out that we were down
03:59 here every day in our department , working hard trying
04:03 to make this the best we can . Uh We
04:05 kind of I think from the other presentations we kind
04:08 of went in another direction because of the high school
04:12 environment . Uh It's not so much as having been
04:16 emojis and having cartoons and and all that . Not
04:19 to say that that's bad because you have to engage
04:21 the students Uh and you know , you can know
04:24 all the technology , but you know , just using
04:27 the technology that , you know , well I think
04:30 that best benefits your students . Uh So I want
04:34 to thank heather for helping with presentation and Jeff as
04:37 well . Uh they'll be chiming in here just in
04:39 the minutes we get started . Uh I also want
04:42 to introduce you to our topper robot . Uh he
04:47 or she does not have a specific name , but
04:49 we're just going to call him uh not being gender
04:52 specific , we're just gonna buy em tr tr Thanks
04:56 for joining us . So our next slot , it's
05:05 just a little collage of what we have in store
05:08 for you . Yeah , so you two became a
05:28 studio and and thank goodness Doctor tens got us hooked
05:32 up with Canada Studio early in And uh the school
05:37 year of 2020 , 20 , and we were able
05:40 to utilize campus studio rather well . I thought a
05:43 lot of teachers created their own videos . They went
05:46 out . They've actually learned how to edit videos ,
05:49 how to add text , how to stop , how
05:51 to actually make a video , an instructional video ,
05:57 so where it's more conducive to the student , not
05:59 only to the student but also to a fellow teacher
06:03 that would want to use it . So uh the
06:05 collaboration that we have uh that Canada Studio creates for
06:10 us is great because we have multiple teachers teaching the
06:13 same subject subjects such as health science . So those
06:17 health science teachers really collaborated with Kansas studio and that
06:20 may be correct . Uh Also uh GoPro to the
06:24 GoPro , our construction corps welding , uh our automotive
06:28 or transit , transportation and logistics . Uh instructors actually
06:33 went above and beyond which you'll see a little bit
06:35 later on in our presentation of how the utilization of
06:40 GoPro's really gets these students involved and that's what it's
06:44 about . We're not engaged and not involved . Uh
06:47 then uh you know we've lost him from the get
06:49 go and creating a virtual world . Uh Well for
06:55 for a C . T . E . Class was
06:56 a challenge but I think we've met that challenge Jeff
06:59 heather . You guys have anything you'd like to ,
07:02 if you have the ability to get a GoPro ,
07:05 excuse me go pro camera to use . Um It's
07:09 very flexible on what you can use it for .
07:11 There's several different ways you can mount it . It
07:14 has a very clear picture . It's especially good for
07:18 if you're trying to share things with a class like
07:21 setting up a machine where they have to look at
07:23 detail . It's an excellent platform for using that And
07:27 as far as canvas studio for my course it was
07:31 a lifesaver , being able to record my videos and
07:35 then with the studio edit them . And then I
07:38 was also given the opportunity with my students , they
07:40 were able to use it and when I couldn't be
07:42 with him in person , they could submit their assignments
07:45 and um you know , at a convenient time for
07:48 them and then I could go back and watch them
07:50 and give them good feedback . So I used it
07:52 kind of with the students as well as myself being
07:54 recorded . You know , not only I think I
07:57 just want to chime in here . Not only is
07:59 it a fantastic way , especially for career in tech
08:01 ed teachers to use things like the GoPro and Heather's
08:04 example are fantastic . I know that we had a
08:08 lot of educators using , we had a tablet that
08:11 had a camera on it , uh that was able
08:13 to use canvas studio directly from the tablet . So
08:16 you know , instead of having another device or something
08:19 , they had to worry about , you know ,
08:20 where do I put this file ? How do I
08:21 edit it ? They could do it right from their
08:23 phone . We had a lot of people with their
08:24 cellphones , culinary teachers that would put the cell phone
08:28 , you know , up on the top shelf while
08:30 they were working below , you know , filming a
08:32 studio video . I know from my experience and mike
08:36 , you guys can talk about it as well .
08:38 Um without canvas studio . I'm not sure how jazzed
08:44 . I could get career in tech ed teachers about
08:46 using canvas . Um but the piece that really that
08:49 that they love the piece that really I think increases
08:52 the interaction of the tool is that cannabis studio piece
08:56 . Would you guys agree ? 100% . Yeah .
09:00 And and just to add the editing feature of Canada's
09:03 studio , It's so elementary but yet it's so professional
09:08 in a way as well because you can edit uh
09:11 you can clip , you can cut , you can
09:12 add text other ways , which makes it easy if
09:16 if the the software is too uh intuitive to where
09:21 it's too overwhelming . Let's face it . Ct teachers
09:26 are not gonna do it just to get a piece
09:27 of paper and all this . Writing down uh the
09:32 energy aspect from from the the developers from you guys
09:36 from the studio , spot on you guys hit it
09:38 right on the nail . We appreciate that . Yeah
09:40 , I love . It was my favorite tool .
09:41 In fact , before I ever became an employee of
09:44 canvas when I was actually using it as a customer
09:47 , I created a studio hype video . I was
09:49 so excited about it . And like you could probably
09:51 relate to this as an audio video production teacher constantly
09:54 looking for that next best thing right to get that
09:57 video was one of the videos that sold us on
10:00 , Hey , listen , I was doing , I
10:02 was doing the job before I had the job .
10:06 Um , you know , it's really , honestly ,
10:09 I just knew that it was one of those tools
10:11 like mike described . It's easy enough that educators could
10:15 use it . Um , it was right after I
10:18 was probably a year after I had done the Innovator
10:20 academy , um , with google and had the chance
10:23 to hear from people that were making decisions about Youtube
10:27 and said there will be no more Youtube editor and
10:30 educators are like , they wanted to strangle this guy
10:33 because that was just such a cool tool for educators
10:37 . Very simple , very easy . They can integrate
10:40 video into the classroom . You know I'm a guy
10:42 that just firmly believes that any type any time you
10:45 use video in your class as an educator it increases
10:48 engagement period full stop . I don't I don't like
10:51 to get into any semantics or an argument about it
10:55 . Like that's it . You put video in .
10:56 Of course kids are going to watch it . They're
10:58 used to it it's it's natural for them to be
11:01 able to to watch these things . So I love
11:03 that I'm sorry for interrupting but I just always loved
11:06 to geek out on studio content because it is probably
11:09 one of the coolest tools that we provide and a
11:12 tool that if you're not taking advantage of it ,
11:14 especially at the C . T . Level you got
11:15 to inquire about it because it does enhance what you're
11:18 doing . Mhm . Uh Here's an example of the
11:26 canvas studio instructional lead uh video that was created by
11:32 missile . You're our computer abs instructor . Uh She's
11:36 actually going through formatted in M . M . L
11:39 . A . Uh It's a lengthy video but we're
11:42 gonna show you just a snippet of it to to
11:44 give you an example of what we're talking about Kansas
11:47 studio in today's screen cast . I'm going to walk
11:53 you through formatting an M . L . A .
11:56 Report . The header and footer group will select page
12:01 numbers in M . L . A . Report format
12:07 specifies that the page number always goes in the header
12:12 which is above the top margin footer by the way
12:15 is below the bottom margin . But in an M
12:19 . L . A . Report , the page number
12:21 always goes at the right in the header , he's
12:31 at the screen capture and the actual live editing that
12:35 you can do with canvas studio . I think just
12:38 about all of our C . T . Inspectors use
12:40 campus studio . Very few . Uh do not that
12:44 I'm aware of but a great tool . Uh It's
12:48 a must know to make it better uh assignment or
12:53 module or discussion for your campus . Uh Using teacher
12:58 graded videos . Uh This is also Kayla cost and
13:01 she's our healthcare and structure . Uh This is another
13:04 example of Canada studio and uh I think this is
13:09 a minute video . That's the hello students . I'm
13:13 gonna demonstrate how to put on clubs and how to
13:15 take them off properly in a healthcare setting . Mhm
13:20 . Okay . Yeah . Now I have one into
13:24 patient's room . I have provided some type of care
13:28 in which my gloves have become soiled . So before
13:31 leaving that patient's room I need to with Canada's studio
13:35 . It actually allows you to set your camera and
13:39 forget it more or less and go ahead and present
13:42 your uh your hands on instruction uh for the students
13:47 so that they get a clear video uh and representation
13:51 and presentation of what your expectations are for that particular
13:54 . Uh I think that was taken with a laptop
13:58 . Yes , this was done with the laptop mister
14:01 equality . Mhm . Uh So we went not we
14:10 but a couple of teachers that went above and beyond
14:13 . Uh So with Covid , you know that uh
14:18 C . T . E . We would have field
14:21 trips and we were able to take the students out
14:23 to the actual job sites . Well with Covid ,
14:27 this thing has happened . Uh We had to create
14:30 virtual field trips . Uh Brynn Sluiter , the our
14:34 welding instructor went to a company called JD Square and
14:38 by the way , the collaboration with local companies ,
14:41 your local businesses uh from from an educator standpoint .
14:45 Uh This just makes makes our job even better because
14:49 if we know that we're teaching them the skills to
14:51 pay the bills in the real world . Hey if
14:56 you want a good employee uh you know then we
14:59 can teach them the right skills and you allow us
15:02 to come to on your business to create a virtual
15:07 field trip . I mean how much better is that
15:09 ? So so building uh a collaborative relationship with our
15:14 local businesses at the at the C . T .
15:16 High school level . This is just open plant a
15:18 lot of doors and I can't uh come and bring
15:23 enough for this . And also we have another video
15:25 which we have another video shortly but there's this short
15:29 little snippet uh welding teacher Science Hill High School .
15:33 I'd like to welcome you guys to JD squared a
15:36 local industry that sells worldwide uh plasma tables and tubing
15:41 benders . Uh Stick around , we'll take you on
15:44 a tour . Got Bahamas . Fab enough a stainless
15:47 steel chain for one of their plasma tables . This
15:53 this is kind of their research and development area where
15:55 they try to come up with new ideas . They
15:58 got tubing cutters , plasma tubing cutters , they've got
16:03 CNC Math series plasma table , all kinds of good
16:07 stuff here . This is some of the parts that
16:10 they fab up from completely scratched out of solid material
16:14 . They've been powder coated and everything and made them
16:17 look to their . So my quick question um as
16:24 we as we move forward past the pandemic and Jeff
16:27 heather chime into how much of this type of innovation
16:31 do you think we'll continue to use in C .
16:33 T . E . Uh with something like a virtual
16:36 field trip to be embedded for kids ? Well that's
16:39 what I was thinking , is once you have done
16:41 all of this , you have it forever and it's
16:44 going to be readily available . And I think for
16:46 me , you know , I have a laboratory with
16:48 the preschoolers , so I have some stuff where you
16:51 know , I can go down there and work with
16:52 the Children and then record it and share it back
16:54 in my class . I have it for those situations
16:58 , if I have a child that has to be
16:59 out or student that needs to be out , we
17:02 have it readily available and I would just keep embedding
17:06 getting my programs , you know , somewhere as enrichment
17:09 or extended facilitated learning . I used to have it
17:15 go ahead a lot of times these industries , it's
17:19 almost a disruption for a large group of young people
17:22 to come in and to be honest , there ,
17:25 there to make a living . And this is a
17:27 great way to have a field trip . I mean
17:29 you're avoiding the complications of the permission forms and feeding
17:34 them lunch and all this other stuff and they're going
17:37 to get just as much exposure on something like this
17:40 as if they went there physically now , ideally they
17:42 would go to the business . But again , I
17:43 think you'd be more welcome as an instructor going to
17:47 an industry if you came by yourself , for instance
17:50 . Yeah , I love this . I love the
17:53 virtual field trip idea . And that is something that
17:56 , that just warned itself out of the pandemic ,
17:58 right ? You know , we can't take our kids
18:01 any longer . So what's going to happen right ?
18:03 Where can we do and where can we go ?
18:04 And I love that . This has come out of
18:07 that and , and it will stick , especially with
18:10 career in tech ed teachers . Um , Julia here
18:13 on youtube says dr tim's versus that's our CT director
18:16 Eddie . She has spoken there , stay fired up
18:20 . And then you've got Christina here that says ,
18:22 my ct glow is huge right now . The J
18:25 C S C T educators didn't skip a beat .
18:27 They embrace technology , kept rolling out instruction to ensure
18:30 student learning was on point , a lot of cheerleaders
18:33 here for career in tech Ed , which I love
18:35 to see . Um , but yeah , I don't
18:37 know about you , uh , mike , but I
18:40 know when I was doing my thing with career in
18:42 tech Ed teachers as a ct innovation coach and having
18:45 the background and audio video production , I remember the
18:48 first experience , the teacher came to me and said
18:50 , make me a Youtube star , right ? Um
18:53 , and I was like , no , absolutely ,
18:55 you should be because your students are going to be
18:57 , you know , get excited about that , they're
18:58 going to see you on camera . Um , there
19:00 is something valuable and so impactful about seeing Brent here
19:05 taking the initiative , you know , going out on
19:07 his own and giving a virtual tour on his time
19:11 to make sure the students are still exposed to those
19:15 realities . I'm guys , I'm granting here here .
19:17 I got goose bumps halfway through the session . So
19:20 we know it's gonna be a good one . Well
19:22 , I mean it's because as we look around ,
19:25 we see that even our elementary teachers use videos to
19:29 teach with and as they grow as , as students
19:32 grow and they continue to learn with videos . I
19:35 mean , what better way to implement ? Nothing is
19:38 going to be educational , not even more for them
19:41 to just watch a video , but have a video
19:44 that shows them with , hey , this is what's
19:47 available out there for me to learn these skills .
19:49 I need to learn this in high school . And
19:51 I mean , it's signs here , we offer a
19:54 lot of programs uh that that these students really need
19:58 to take advantage of and for us to be able
20:01 to have these virtual field trips that just showcases that
20:04 even further . So it's a win win uh for
20:08 the for the virtual field trips . Uh huh .
20:14 Uh In this video this is a video that Mr
20:18 Clinton is going to expand on here , but this
20:20 is a video that he created using Canada Studio and
20:25 it demonstrates how to uh do a voltage drop test
20:29 . Uh We'll get a longer than the first .
20:35 Yeah . Good morning guys . Today I'm gonna show
20:38 you a procedure on how to do a voltage drop
20:40 test on both the positive and negative side of a
20:43 starter circuit . There were those wires hook up to
20:49 the starter motor itself and I'm gonna hook it up
20:52 there . And what this does , this is going
20:55 to tell me what the resistance of this big heavy
20:58 cable that comes from the battery . It comes down
21:01 here and comes down to the start and we're gonna
21:03 make sure we don't have any resistance or very low
21:05 resistance . Gonna come up back over here to the
21:09 scope , the volt meter rather . And I'm gonna
21:12 hit reset on our men max feature . Okay .
21:16 You also know as I've taken it out of auto
21:19 range and I put it in plus or -4V and
21:21 I did that because I didn't want to jumping around
21:24 while I'm making this measure . I'm gonna now I've
21:27 disabled the ignition system and also the fuel system ,
21:31 so it won't start . Uh , I'm gonna use
21:34 our remote starter to crank the engine . And what
21:37 we're gonna do is we're gonna just crank it for
21:39 about five seconds . All right . And again ,
21:47 we're going to take advantage of this was actually created
21:52 using the GoPro camera . The thing I like about
21:55 this , as far as demonstrating a process to the
21:57 students is if I've got a room full of students
22:00 , 15 , 20 students and I'm trying to demonstrate
22:04 something underneath the hood of a car , for instance
22:06 , like I'm trying to demonstrate how to set up
22:08 a break late or something like that . They got
22:11 the three or four people in the front are gonna
22:13 see what I'm doing . Everybody in the back as
22:14 if they're going to be distracted and not paying attention
22:18 . And what I like about this is I can
22:19 actually create a video . I can either show it
22:21 in the classroom or I can take it out into
22:23 the shop and show it there and everybody in the
22:25 room then is engaged and they can see the actual
22:28 procedures you have to go through to do this process
22:32 . Also , if I want to create a hands
22:34 on test for it , they can use it as
22:35 a review feature . That's another great thing about campus
22:39 studio . Even when I was looking at Marcia salvage
22:41 presentation , her students can check back on that review
22:46 how to do a process and it helps to reinforce
22:48 , to learn this is another uh , field trip
22:57 , if you can say are on location , created
23:00 video for our construction corps instructors , Richard or sorry
23:05 , robert tester and rich Murray . And this is
23:08 a new construction home , uh , that they're building
23:12 from the foundation up and I think they're , they're
23:14 covering foundation and how the importance of foundations , uh
23:17 , and how this , uh , is essential in
23:21 building and basically , and even in life if you
23:25 don't , don't have a good foundation , you know
23:27 , that , uh you know , you could be
23:29 shifting on saying uh but let's watch a little bit
23:33 of this . Okay , here's a part of the
23:36 butter and we're following the lay of the land .
23:39 There's another bulkhead and foundation wall is being laid up
23:48 12 inch blocks . Okay . one interesting thing to
23:53 note is you can see how the two courses of
23:58 block have been laid , where it meets the top
24:03 of the next layer , something like this . And
24:09 this means the inside is flushed . In other words
24:13 , from the inside . I couldn't do which ones
24:14 , eight . Which 1 , 12 . So give
24:18 you all better . Yeah , yeah . Let me
24:20 lay another one here so you can see . Okay
24:25 , so I can keep those those flush . And
24:29 on the inside it'll look all the same when I
24:33 use the word flush , that means deep . But
24:36 on the outside I have a 4" ledge Now on
24:41 this 4" ledge here , I can now lay bread
24:45 really . And how they offset a 12" and an
24:52 18 spot to create a brick ledge to actually break
24:55 a house . Now you could do that uh in
24:58 school or hands on presentation in class , but to
25:02 create that in a virtual classroom , uh , these
25:06 guys did this with a , an ipad , I
25:08 believe . So this lesson done with a GoPro ,
25:12 but it was done with an ipad . So Jeff
25:14 again , I just want to chime in with a
25:16 question . I think I know the answer , but
25:19 with what you do and with what we just saw
25:21 Robbie and uh , um , them doing . Yeah
25:25 , thank you . Richard doing . Uh , what
25:28 what role do you think video will play moving forward
25:32 even when we're back to in person instruction ? Well
25:35 , again , your flexibility of going to an actual
25:38 job site , going to an actual shop , what
25:42 I call him real shop . Or even when you're
25:45 demonstrating the procedures , removing gloves , setting up the
25:50 voltage drop test setting up a break laid . Uh
25:54 Again you're getting past this where the people in front
25:57 can see what's going on . They're engaged people in
25:59 back or poking at their phones and talking to everybody
26:02 and they're not paying attention . And this is just
26:05 a great way to keep everybody on task . And
26:08 I also think the review , the review feature of
26:11 it is a great addition to the program . And
26:14 Eddie . I asked that it was sort of a
26:15 loaded question because I get questions from my colleagues and
26:19 other districts that are considering canvas and they think it's
26:22 just for science , math social studies and uh english
26:27 at the high school level . And if this doesn't
26:30 still sell it for C . T . E .
26:32 I don't know . I know and it's got to
26:34 , I've always said it's such an easy sell because
26:37 I have seen it I've seen it in real life
26:41 on the impact that it can create video alone and
26:44 we've spent a lot of time on video which is
26:46 great but they just once you have a chance to
26:50 see those students because a lot of these opportunities like
26:53 you just said mike and Jeff and heather a lot
26:56 of these opportunities what happens is that the students aren't
27:00 engaged during the lab or they're distracted or they can't
27:05 see You got a class of 30 kids trying to
27:07 hover over a motor . It's hard for them to
27:10 see exactly what the instructors kind of trying to show
27:13 or exactly what's happening in the learning environment . Um
27:16 that can happen in any classroom . Like think about
27:18 that in an English class . Out of the 30
27:20 students that you might have . Um how many of
27:22 them are actually engaged in and just all in on
27:25 the assignment . So for those students that may have
27:28 missed and need a little bit of remediation canvas can
27:31 be a great place to float these resources in as
27:35 a video content and and that's where we saw a
27:37 lot of engagement . Think about a C . T
27:40 . Teacher that that has a sub man ct teachers
27:43 , I don't know like what do they have to
27:44 , they're just gonna sit there . Well not if
27:46 you've created a video , they're going to learn from
27:48 you in the classroom on their digital device and they're
27:52 going to learn um while they're at home or on
27:54 their own time , Especially now with Covid . That's
27:57 super important . So I'm so glad you brought that
27:59 up . That's fantastic . Tr what do you think
28:02 about that ? Uh He must have time down .
28:07 Tr tr is taking a nap . Uh Now now
28:13 we're going to briefly just touch on the FBI's and
28:15 that's learning tools . Interoperability , interoperability as a hard
28:19 work safe . But we're not showcasing the so called
28:23 the applications here . What we're showcasing is the interactivity
28:28 , the ability to embed different learning platforms , different
28:33 engaging platforms , instructional platforms into canvas and how easy
28:39 it is . Uh A year ago it was kind
28:44 of difficult to do this but within the last year
28:47 , canvases really came on board and made this just
28:50 point and click and it's almost there especially with Google
28:55 even with flip grid and dear pot even a para
29:00 and learned 360 . So all of those Our great
29:04 different learning tools because let's face it all , students
29:07 don't learn the same and don't learn the same way
29:10 . Uh having students with a ps and 50 force
29:13 you have to go out and you as a teacher
29:15 you have to modify your lesson plans and structures for
29:18 where that student is the best out of that particular
29:22 lesson plan . Mhm . So I use learn 3
29:30 60 as well as canvas studio , my own video
29:34 recordings of me giving lecture or the students sending me
29:38 canvas studio videos and then of course , you know
29:40 , virtual field trips , but for me , learn
29:42 3 60 is super easy to integrate in canvas through
29:46 the LTI . And it provides me a chance to
29:48 use , you know , professional educational videos and just
29:52 embed them right in for remediation . Um for you
29:56 know , extra if a student has extra questions or
30:00 little snippets or clips of important information that cover that
30:04 one specific standards . So for me , I really
30:06 enjoyed the ease of it . Uh for me it's
30:10 seamless and my students really know , you know ,
30:13 uh , when they go into canvas , they know
30:15 exactly where to go and find the information . And
30:20 I like how it was embedded , How I'm able
30:23 to pick these LTs and put him in there .
30:29 We also have flip grid . Uh , this is
30:32 just a flip grip assignment that I have uh ,
30:35 from students . Uh and the topic is , what
30:38 if there was no technology tomorrow ? Uh and it
30:42 goes on . And and the good thing about flip
30:44 grid , uh that it allows you to get ,
30:47 not just a handwritten response back . It allows you
30:50 to get an audio , video , video response back
30:55 from the students , what they really feel about this
30:58 uh , particular lesson plan , uh or a lesson
31:02 and and particularly from my class , it teaches them
31:07 how to create their text for a particular project ,
31:14 or how to do a split screen and read from
31:17 a teleprompter while they're actually recording . So there's there's
31:21 a couple of different little uh advantages for using uh
31:26 flip grip , but I like it in my class
31:29 and I think he ever uses it or it's going
31:31 to start using it and I'm not sure about mr
31:33 clever , but uh some of the other CT teachers
31:36 use it . It's a very cool little video about
31:39 technology . I know it , we've all probably been
31:45 here where this guy's going . Yeah , and maybe
31:53 not . So we'll carry out uh using her car
31:59 park , gives a student just a little different view
32:02 of power lesson uh can be presented to them .
32:07 I really like the part uh for uh because you
32:11 can differentiate your learning aspect or a group of kids
32:15 or kids , I'm sorry , I should say ,
32:18 students group our students uh into different groups so that
32:22 we can assigned in different parts of a lesson now
32:26 . How is that beneficial ? Because each group and
32:29 work on a particular uh lesson or a different part
32:33 and then we all come together at the end of
32:35 that lesson , put all the pieces parts together and
32:38 create that actual product . Uh Para is great .
32:41 Uh There is a good tool for that simply because
32:44 of the work space uh feature from a para .
32:49 Mhm websites . Uh wow it wasn't for the World
32:55 Wide Web where would we be ? Oh websites are
33:00 becoming more frequent and uh they are the resource and
33:04 the backbone . Uh the C . T . And
33:06 I'm sure for a lot of educational institutes uh we
33:09 have to have websites to get our all of our
33:12 learning and all of our teaching material from . Uh
33:18 We actually teach web design or used to . Uh
33:22 , but having websites , it is just essential and
33:26 beneficial for for any teacher , especially in campus ,
33:31 The , that each of embedding them , uh ,
33:36 which is the link , uh , and having them
33:38 accessible for any lesson plan and , or discussion .
33:42 We haven't talked about discussion board a lot in the
33:45 campus , but we do use that quite often .
33:48 Uh huh , Jeff whether you guys everything on websites
33:52 I know for instance , today , my first year
33:54 program had to determine the cost of ownership of a
33:58 vehicle over a three year time period . And we
34:01 have to rely on a lot of different websites and
34:04 to find out the cost of vehicles , the cost
34:07 of fuel over the three years and things of this
34:10 nature . And these students have grown up with this
34:13 technology , they are very comfortable with it . They
34:15 know they can jump on there and find something on
34:16 the web really quick . You can also , for
34:20 instance , on my lesson , what I do is
34:22 I put the links in there that I know that
34:23 will work inside of our filtering software . So they
34:27 don't have to hunt around find things . But it
34:29 just makes it , it just makes it very easy
34:31 for them to find the information quickly and put something
34:34 together . And just to echo what Jeff said ,
34:39 you know , there's a lot of things in my
34:40 program that I need extra resources to being able to
34:44 link those websites into canvas and , and specifically for
34:48 the students , they know where to go to find
34:49 it , um , and get the extra material that
34:52 they don't , that is required for their standards using
34:57 google slides . Again , I think this is a
35:01 slide or a lesson from uh Miss clawson . She
35:06 used google slice to create virtual job fair activity .
35:10 And on the left side of the screen you'll see
35:11 the different uh jobs or professions , and then on
35:15 the right You'll see that a student has selected number
35:18 two occupational therapist and then she has leaned a website
35:24 , uh details about the career , and then there's
35:27 a video that they would watch and then a form
35:29 that they would go out about their perspective , uh
35:32 particular profession , and we're getting to the very end
35:39 of the presentation . But I thought this was pretty
35:41 cool . Uh our the innovation that we've had from
35:46 Mr Clinton uh do agent stripped and using all the
35:49 technology available , make it come together with virtual instructing
35:53 innovation . He called me into his room one day's
35:55 classroom , he goes , hey , I've got this
35:56 , I've got this , I've got to make it
35:58 all come together . So we unplugged a couple of
36:01 wires and played a couple of hours somewhere else .
36:04 Uh , basically this is what he has and I
36:06 don't have to explain this to you . It's very
36:09 cool . It's , we're taking the resources that we
36:12 had , I'm sorry , he is taking the resources
36:16 that he had available to make a virtual classroom jet
36:19 . But this was about as I was trying to
36:21 do , this is during our safety presentation and I
36:25 actually borrowed the idea from another teacher on campus using
36:28 the document camera . Uh this is before we got
36:31 the GoPro cameras to use , but we used to
36:33 document camera to make a image of what's going on
36:36 in the classroom . But he also found using our
36:40 links that we could set it up such that I
36:43 could present not only in the classroom , the students
36:46 could see what was on the whiteboard , but my
36:48 students that were remote could see it on their computer
36:52 screens at home . So this is a great way
36:54 to share that between it . It was kind of
36:57 a lash up to be honest , you'll notice that's
36:59 a jack stand from the shop and I'm using to
37:01 hold the camera , you know , strung the wire
37:03 through the air conditioner event . Like I say the
37:05 word last that comes to mind , right , But
37:07 it didn't work and dr James can back us up
37:11 on this . He made the comment one time ,
37:13 we were kind of drinking from the firehose when they
37:15 first started out . Uh luckily it's kind of yeah
37:20 , we kind of got a handle on it at
37:21 this point . We like to think we have a
37:23 handle on it , but I'm sure something else will
37:25 come along and prompt this . But it got us
37:27 all off out of our likely sale of our comfortable
37:30 place well . And we Eddie , you know ,
37:33 we went from pre pandemic too . Not all of
37:36 our teachers at Science Hill had Published canvas courses and
37:39 we have around 150 or so staff at Science Hill
37:43 High School , that's pretty large as we've talked today
37:45 . And by the , by the end of the
37:47 first week , by the end of spring break ,
37:49 before we came back to school , every single teachers
37:52 , every course was published and a lot of the
37:56 heathers and the jeffs and the mix helped their colleagues
37:59 . Yeah , all those classes up and going and
38:01 published . So yeah , just right . We were
38:03 drinking from a firehose but we made it happen .
38:08 And , and last our last slide , probably the
38:12 most uh visited question that we would get daily .
38:16 Uh , I believe it's something , How do I
38:18 get it back ? Well , canvas has a great
38:22 feature called unduly if you don't know if there there's
38:26 the instructions and you know , I just want to
38:29 say hats off the canvas for creating an LMS uh
38:34 that we use on a daily basis uh here at
38:37 C . T . E . And to the johnson
38:39 City school system . And uh I just uh want
38:42 to thank them for the opportunity to share some of
38:44 our knowledge that we have created in a short time
38:49 span that we're going to continue to use . Uh
38:51 we're not stopping here . We will build on this
38:54 , this is more or less our foundation of our
38:58 lesson plans that we're going to be creating in the
39:00 future , Jeff standard . Uh canvas has made my
39:05 teaching um process a whole lot smoother . And you
39:10 know , I kind of was on it before the
39:13 lockdown before the pandemic . And my kids were familiar
39:15 with it , But through all of this it's just
39:18 become more advanced and part of the interruptions , the
39:22 varsity baseball in high school and a junior varsity baseball
39:27 game . The location has been moved from Royals to
39:30 Cardinal Park and the change has been lived up to
39:34 4 30 . The track meet has had changes as
39:38 well . A Tennessee high school at four p.m. Thank
39:42 you . But as I was saying it's been more
39:46 refined and just all of the extras that I've been
39:50 able to embed into my campus courses has a lot
39:52 of my students um to have a much more enjoyable
39:56 enriching experience . We discovered that and somebody made the
40:00 observation one time . Once you get your can of
40:02 course that and you're kind of good to go ,
40:05 you're set up from now on . But one thing
40:08 I've noticed about mine is I go back and visit
40:10 stuff I've created even a year ago . I mean
40:12 it can be refined , you can make better ,
40:15 there's more tools available now to us and canvas that
40:18 we can use that . And I'm not saying we're
40:22 trying to entertain these students , but it , it's
40:24 sometimes it's tough to grab their attention and this is
40:28 a great asset as far as a teaching tool for
40:31 us to use . Yeah , that that is well
40:35 said , we are , you know , at some
40:37 point , Marcus always has this great line , do
40:40 the podcast with Marcus painter . This great line about
40:43 like we are the ultimate entertainers , right ? We
40:45 have to , we have to , we have to
40:47 try to engage students that are constantly distracted and have
40:52 seen it all right on every platform . So ,
40:56 you know , our goal to come in and kind
40:58 of get them excited about what we're just a great
41:00 segue into career in tech Ed , because I do
41:02 feel like um these students are there because they're excited
41:06 to be there or they hope they can make this
41:08 a career one day . Um so you guys should
41:10 be commended every day for what you do and all
41:13 the educators that we've talked to today , all the
41:15 educators that have joined us in the audience , dr
41:18 david tim's , we've put on a fantastic day ,
41:20 I think , mike Jeff heather before we let you
41:23 go , are you cool with me sharing the link
41:26 to our viewers for your presentation ? So they can
41:29 have that , it's in the bottom of the very
41:32 Uh huh . Yeah , Sure . Yeah , I
41:38 have shared it out over over a comment section ,
41:41 so people that watch this on the recording can have
41:44 access to that as well , so thank you very
41:45 much for doing that . And dr tim is like
41:48 I said , we have finished out our good day
41:51 . It has been a fantastic day in johnson city
41:55 , wow , I am just a full of excitement
41:58 and energy ready to tackle next week and the week
42:01 after with all of this excitement for what you guys
42:05 are doing in canvas . So , thank you very
42:06 much for allowing us to talk to your teachers and
42:10 being a part of the broadcast today . It's been
42:11 fantastic having you on as well . All right ,
42:13 so that's it . We have finished our our digital
42:16 showcase with johnson City Schools for today . We'll have
42:19 all of the content . It's been recorded , it's
42:21 been put back on the platforms and we'll be sharing
42:24 it out over the next week . If you missed
42:26 anything , be sure to check us out , share
42:29 like retweet all of the things for canvas LMS .
42:32 The canvas fan has been very strong today , uh
42:35 , in all of the comments and sections . Guys
42:36 , thank you so much for getting a lot of
42:38 feedback already , and we can't wait to see you
42:41 on our next live stream coming soon .



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