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An Empathetic Learning Platform

To Boost Student Scores On ACT

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Help Your Students Ace the ACT

  • Realistic ACT Practice Tests
  • Foundational Skills Practice
  • Complete Diagnostic & Remedial Tools
  • All-in-one Comprehensive Learning Program
    For Reading, Writing, English, & Math

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Realistic Full-Length ACT Practice Tests

  • Provides 2 practice tests, meticulously designed to match the ACT assessment
  • Covers all 4 sections: Math, Reading, Writing, & English
  • Includes thousands of questions across 290 learning standards
  • Simulates the actual testing environment with timed test mode

An Empathetic Learning Platform

Lumos StepUp is an empathetic learning platform that supports students at all levels of proficiency. The program analyzes and automatically assigns personalized practice that focuses on each student’s skill gaps.
With the deep remedial capability, the program also ensures mastery on foundational standards that are critical for student’s success on ACT

Everything Your Student Needs To Get the Perfect ACT Score

  • Math Section:
    Comprises 2 Practice tests with 11 item types covering 216 Math standards
  • Reading Section:
    Comprises 2 practice tests with 8 item types covering 37 reading standards
  • Writing Section:
    Comprises 2 practice tests with 6 item types covering 14 writing standards
  • English Section:
    Comprises 2 practice tests with 7 item types covering 23 writing standards

Tailored Comprehensive Learning Content

Along with the ability to learn at their speed, the modules of this program are customized to address each student’s skill gaps. To support each student’s learning path, the program includes access to thousands of practice questions that correspond to every skill and topic.
It also recommends engaging study resources such as videos, apps, and worksheets to suit each student’s learning preferences.