International Teacher Education Conference

International Teacher Education Conference provides latest trends in education Registration For more details on registration, use the link below Registration Link The conference dates: Sep 6 – 8, 2017 Venue: Cambridge , MA, USA

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Financial Education Boot Camp 2016

The workshop focuses on creative ways to teach personal finance via creative lesson plans, online resources, and technology tools. Registration For more details on registration, use the link below Registration Link The conference dates: August 4, 2016 Venue: Rutgers Cooperative … Continue reading

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Blended Online Learning Modules to Support Professional Learning Communities (NORTH – PM)

The New Jersey Department of Education, in affiliation with New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), with the input of NJPSA/FEA, to create a suite of dynamic online, blended learning modules. These modules assist educators in their work to inform and … Continue reading

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The 16th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies – ICALT 2016

ICALT is an annual international conference on Advanced Learning Technologies and Technology-enhanced Learning Registration For more details on registration, use the link below Registration Link The conference dates: July 25-28, 2016 Venue: Austin, Texas, USA

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EETC Conference 2016

The EETC Conference brings researchers, policymakers, and educators together to work for young children and to inspire creative change on the behalf of children everywhere. Registration For more details on registration, use the link below Registration Link The conference dates: … Continue reading

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A Comparison of Educational App Stores

There are several websites available to showcase an educational app. The following table compares some of the popular app discovery channels available for educational app developers. We used information found of these websites to create this benchmark report. Report Date: … Continue reading

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15th Annual School Counseling Conference

Conference will focus on five themes: Mental health in schools LCAP/LCFF Career & college readiness + common core Alternative means of correction Data, Accountability and Technology. Rates Conference Date:October 9 & 10, 2015 Conference Place:Riverside Convention Center 3637 Fifth Street … Continue reading

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The Power of eLearning… in the Library

Infographic on the 7 Ways Libraries can Impact Student Learning

One of the most overlooked learning resources is the local library. For decades, the library has provided patrons with the ability to access hundreds of documents and texts they would not be able to be able to use otherwise. But the library no longer relies solely on text sources. As part of the technology migration of the 21st century, the local library joins a variety of others in enhancing learning through library learning programs. These resources offer patrons access to hundreds of different questions focused on specific grade levels or content areas.

One of these programs, the Lumos Learning Library Program helps patrons that are in elementary and middle schools hone their math and language arts skills. As schools transition to the new Common Core State Standards curriculum, students may have difficulty in particular areas… Continue reading

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Hot Topic – Flipped Classrooms

Over the last few weeks I’ve been seeing a lot of posts on linked in regarding the “flipped classroom” and which schools are starting to use this model, some even calling it a paradigm shift. What the flipped model is a different way of teaching K-12. It’s trying to make the time spent with students more effective instead of talking at them or lecturing.

The students, instead of listening to a lecture in class for an hour, watch a video of their teacher at home as homework. Then, when they come to class the next day, the teacher is able to spend class time doing activities to reinforce the lesson. There are definitely advantages to this model and it’s pretty much the way we’ve been learning in higher education for a long time, although not through videos but through reading assignments as well as the lecture class and the practical learning class…
FL Continue reading

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