Teaching Shakespeare in the 21st-Century

With tablets provided for each student in Albert Cavalluzzo’s 10th-grade class, students go through the opening act of “Macbeth, by swiping digital pages on their screens. The famous William Shakespeare play was first published on paper nearly 500 years ago. … Continue reading

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EdTechNJ 2016

EdtechNJ conference focuses on implementing 21st Century learning through the meaningful and intentional integration of technology into the classroom. Registration For more details on registration, use the link below Registration Link The conference dates: Jun 4, 2016 Venue: Edison, NJ, … Continue reading

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The 7 Skills Your Child Must Have to Succeed in the 21st Century.

Skills to success in 21st century

From educational leaders to policy makers, much has been said about “21st century skills” that students need to have to succeed in school and beyond. However, what are these skills? Though organizations and websites abound (all touting their own versions of critical 21st century skills), several commonalities emerge. The terminology may differ, but the following seven skills encompass many of the themes from these various sources:
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The Power of eLearning… in the Library

Infographic on the 7 Ways Libraries can Impact Student Learning

One of the most overlooked learning resources is the local library. For decades, the library has provided patrons with the ability to access hundreds of documents and texts they would not be able to be able to use otherwise. But the library no longer relies solely on text sources. As part of the technology migration of the 21st century, the local library joins a variety of others in enhancing learning through library learning programs. These resources offer patrons access to hundreds of different questions focused on specific grade levels or content areas.

One of these programs, the Lumos Learning Library Program helps patrons that are in elementary and middle schools hone their math and language arts skills. As schools transition to the new Common Core State Standards curriculum, students may have difficulty in particular areas… Continue reading

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