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NJ ASK 2014 Webinar for Educators

Ins and Outs of the NJ ASK 2014: The School’s Perspective

By Mrs. Marisa Adams, Curriculum Director

Mrs.Marisa Adams

With the PARCC transition right around the corner, it is easy to overlook the impact of the NJ ASK on the spring assessment season. However, as the primary assessment of student success for New Jersey, understanding the details of the NJ ASK of 2014 is crucial to helping students and schools be successful.

Join Lumos Learning’s Curriculum Director, Marisa Adams, in a free webinar that explores the 2014 NJ ASK. In this webinar, you will explore:

  • What to expect in this year’s NJ ASK
  • Guidelines of the Math and ELA portions of the exam
  • What role do the CCSS have in the NJ ASK
  • Sample questions

NJ ASK 2014 ELA Infographic
NJ ASK 2014 Science Infographic
NJ ASK 2014 Math3-5 Infographic
NJ ASK 2014 Math6-8 Infographic
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