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Wynford High School - Bucyrus, Ohio

Wynford High School, Bucyrus, Ohio

Wynford high school is a public high school in Bucyrus, Ohio. Over 273 students enrolled in the school from grade 9 to 12, with the teacher-student ratio is being 18:1. Wynford high school implements Ohio Graduations Tests to assess the Math/ELA (English Language Arts) students’ subject proficiency. Test scores data is not available for display.

Wynford High School Address & Contact

3288 Holmes Center Road, Bucyrus, Ohio 44820
(419) 5627828; Fax: (419)-562-7825

Test Scores

Wynford high school Math test scores proficient are above 50%, while the state’s average is 64%.
Wynford high school ELA (English Language Arts) test scores proficient are above 75%, while the state’s average is 62%.

Student Information

Student diversity in Wynford high school as follows: American Indian (0%), Asian (0%), Hispanic(1%), Black (1%), White (95%), Hawaiian (0%), and Others (3%).

Graduation Rate

Wynford high school graduation rate is above 90% while the state’s average is above 82%.

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Wynford high School Map

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