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Learning Modules for Summer

For Summer School, RTI/Intervention and Special Education Programs

Skills Practice Bridge Course Between Grades

Summer Learning HeadStart

Bridge To Success With Common Core Aligned Resources and Worksheets

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  • Fun Common Core Standards Aligned Activities
  • Daily Practice Planner for Math and ELA
  • Access to next Grade online workbooks
  • Helpful Articles and Infographics
  • Access to Summer Workshop with Expert Teachers
Summer Learning StepUp is an online learning platform that assists teachers in providing a comprehensive skills practice to students over the summer.

Summer Lumos StepUp™

Common Core Aligned Comprehensive Online Study Program

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  • Review of last year’s Math & ELA skills
  • Get a glimpse of next year’s concepts
  • Access to EdSearch: One stop for all educational needs
  • Helpful Articles and Infographics
  • Access to Summer Workshop with Expert Teachers
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What Educators Say

“I am very pleased with Lumos Programs. It is one of the most comprehensive study programs that I have seen. Overall, it’s a great resource.”

Mrs.Biondi, Teacher

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Summer Learning HeadStart Book Series

Table of Contents:

Summer Practice
Summer Learning Activity Videos

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Lumos Study Program is used by the leading schools and libraries to improve student achievement.

Lumos StepUp is used by several Elementary and Middle Schools
Lumos StepUp is used by several Libraries
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