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Subject-Verb Agreement - Free Educational videos for Students in k-12

Subject-Verb Agreement - By EnglishI PLC

00:0-1 All right . How's it going ? Ladies and gentlemen
00:01 , today we're gonna talk about subject and verb agreement
00:04 and another one of your favorite grammar videos . Let's
00:07 get started . This one won't take us very long
00:09 . Uh , there's one simple rule that I suggest
00:12 writing down for subject verb agreement . And that's basically
00:15 a singular subject . Takes on a singular verb ,
00:18 while a plural subject takes on a plural verb .
00:21 If you understand that rule and know how to check
00:24 for a singular subject or plural subject , when the
00:27 rest of it kind of falls together pretty easily so
00:29 I'd suggest writing that down . Let's take a look
00:33 at a few examples are first one Here is a
00:35 bike and a scooter , Would you say is Are
00:38 are my means of getting around until I get a
00:41 car and then the second one , the principal ,
00:45 along with a bunch of teachers , is or are
00:48 getting ready for a snow day . Hopefully , in
00:52 the first one , you'd realize that we're talking about
00:54 two subjects a bike and a scooter . So ,
00:57 since our subject is going to be plural , are
01:00 verb needs to be plural as well . So if
01:02 you think about you'd probably to say a bike in
01:04 a scooter are my means of getting around until I
01:06 get a car . Usually when we say these allowed
01:10 we , uh , no to match up the right
01:14 singular verb and singular subject . But sometimes that it
01:18 could be a little tricky . And we have to
01:19 make sure , especially when we're writing it down that
01:21 we use the proper subject for agreement . The second
01:25 one that it could be a little bit more confusing
01:27 because we have the principal and then also says along
01:30 with a bunch of teachers . But we know that
01:33 along with a bunch of teachers here , is set
01:35 off by these commas . And we remember from our
01:37 common rules that this is unnecessary information or restrictive clause
01:41 . So are subject Here is still on Lee the
01:44 principal , not a bunch of teachers as well .
01:47 So since the principle is singular , we're going to
01:51 say is so the principal , along with a bunch
01:54 of teachers , is getting ready for a snow day
01:57 . And while it might not sound right when you
01:59 say it aloud , uh , it does follow our
02:01 grammatical rules , so make sure when you're searching for
02:05 your subject to make sure . Is it singular ,
02:07 or is it plural ? And then look around for
02:10 anything else that might kind of throw you off like
02:12 a word . You see teachers here that it's plural
02:15 , so you might be more likely to choose our
02:17 , But you need to stick with the rule and
02:19 go for the is . So if you see anything
02:21 in these commas right here , usually that means you're
02:24 looking at additional information instead of the actual subject .
02:28 Try and think about who is actually doing the verb
02:32 here . All right , Here's the first rule .
02:36 I'd suggest writing down Rule number one if the subjects
02:39 are joined by , and they're considered plural . And
02:43 this seems like a pretty common sense . The quarterback
02:45 and the coach , Obviously we have a quarterback coach
02:48 that's plural are having a conference . The second was
02:52 a little bit more confusing . If subjects are joined
02:55 by or or nor the verb should agree with the
02:58 closer subject , Right ? So let me explain .
03:02 Here we have the actors and the director . The
03:05 actors is plural . What ? The director is singular
03:08 . We decide if the verb is going to be
03:10 singular plural based on whatever comes right before it So
03:15 in this sense , we have . Either the actors
03:17 or the director is at fault . And since the
03:20 director is singular , we have is . But if
03:23 we flip the two around either the director or the
03:26 actors are at fault , then we know that since
03:29 actors or plural , that verb is going to take
03:32 on a plural right next to it . So make
03:35 sure you write down these two rules , especially number
03:36 two , because I think that one could be a
03:38 little bit confusing . All right , here's some words
03:43 that could end up being a little bit more difficult
03:46 where you could think . Oh , well , everyone
03:48 is plural , so it needs to be always a
03:51 plural ver bas . Well , if you think about
03:55 it in a sentence , would you say everyone is
03:58 going to have a good time or everyone are gonna
04:01 have a good time ? Hopefully , you realize that
04:04 even though everyone sounds like plural , it's actually a
04:07 singular . So here's some words I suggest writing down
04:10 just because they can be sometimes confusing , uh ,
04:12 someone , somebody , each either one everyone and anyone
04:19 . And I think probably the easiest way to remember
04:21 this is if you look at the end of the
04:23 words we have one or body . Uh , that
04:27 is a good clue to tell you that it's going
04:30 to be a singular word , even though it might
04:32 look like it's a plural . So someone , somebody
04:35 , each you're just kind of on your own .
04:37 You have to understand that each is singular , which
04:38 isn't too hard , either . One . Everyone ,
04:41 anyone . We keep seeing this pop up , and
04:44 that's a good tip that it's singular . Um ,
04:47 just as a quick little side note here , none
04:52 could be singular or plural in most cases . Except
04:57 , uh , if you are , uh , if
05:00 you're taking the S A . T , it considers
05:02 none on Lee a singular word . So I think
05:06 if you read the sentence down here , would you
05:08 say none of us is going to see transformers for
05:11 our None of us are going to see transformers for
05:14 I think most people would probably say , Well ,
05:16 the none of us is going to make it plural
05:19 . So none of us are going to see transformers
05:20 for , um , technically are most tests . Both
05:25 are correct . You could say none of us is
05:26 going to see transformers for , But if you're taking
05:29 the a c t . Then the only correct answer
05:32 would be None of us is going to see transformers
05:35 for , uh , this won't pop up on artists
05:38 just because I think it's kind of a weird little
05:40 rule . But just in case as a second for
05:42 the A c . T . Do note that for
05:45 the S A T , none is always considered singular
05:48 . All right , that's basically it . Before you
05:52 finish off this video and take the little quiz underneath
05:57 here , just remember that a singular subject takes a
05:59 singular verb . Plural subject takes a plural verb ,
06:02 so the first step is always figuring out whether the
06:04 subject is plural or singular . Make sure you watch
06:07 out for those words everybody , somebody , and then
06:10 make sure if you see like a prep positional phrase
06:12 set up by commas or maybe not even set off
06:15 by commas , make sure you still understand who is
06:18 the actual subject of the sentence and what you figured
06:21 that out . Then It's just a simple as changing
06:23 that verb to be the same as the subject ,
06:26 whether it's singular or plural . All right , hopefully
06:28 that helps saying good luck


This grammar video presents subject-verb agreement rules. It can serve as a good review of this grammar concept for middle and high school students.


Subject-Verb Agreement is a free educational video by EnglishI PLC.It helps students in grades 4 practice the following standards L.4.1.F.

This page not only allows students and teachers view Subject-Verb Agreement but also find engaging Sample Questions, Apps, Pins, Worksheets, Books related to the following topics.

1. L.4.1.F : Produce complete sentences, recognizing and correcting inappropriate fragments and run-ons.*.





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