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eSpark Learning: Determining Main Idea Instructional Video (4.RI.2) - Free Educational videos for Students in k-12

eSpark Learning: Determining Main Idea Instructional Video (4.RI.2) - By eSparkLearningVideos

00:07 Hello , readers . My name is Miss Bushman ,
00:10 and today we are gonna work on a good reader
00:12 behavior . The good reader behavior we're working on today
00:16 is called main idea and details . We find main
00:19 idea and details when we summarize paragraphs in nonfiction .
00:25 First , it's important to find main ideas when we
00:28 read Main idea is tell us what is most important
00:32 about the information we're reading about . So the main
00:35 idea is the most important part of the text .
00:40 Then details . Air used to tell more about the
00:42 main idea . Details . Describe or explain the main
00:47 idea . Let's read the paragraph and find the main
00:51 idea and supporting details . Read the paragraph along with
00:54 me . Here we go . Have you ever heard
00:58 of Came to in Common ? Came to in common
01:01 or King Tut was the king of Egypt in 13
01:04 32 BC , however , King Tut died 10 years
01:09 after becoming king , even though King touch ruling as
01:13 King wasn't important to history , interest in him grew
01:17 in . An archaeology archaeologist named Howard Carter discovered his
01:22 tomb in 1922 . This discovery received much attention because
01:27 at the time it was the Onley tomb of an
01:30 ancient Egyptian king to be discovered almost completely undamaged .
01:35 Archaeologists found King Touch four room tomb , which contained
01:40 more than 5000 objects . Wow , I learned a
01:46 lot about King Tut , did you ? I'm going
01:49 to try to summarize this paragraph by completing the main
01:53 idea and detailed graphic organizer you see in front of
01:56 you . Let's go back and look for important details
02:01 to help find the main idea . First , I
02:06 see that archaeologist Howard Carter discovered the tomb in 1922
02:14 second . I see that it was the Onley tomb
02:18 to be discovered of an ancient Egyptian king . I
02:26 also see that there were more than 5000 objects in
02:30 the undamaged tomb . Last I see that the discovery
02:37 received much attention by looking at my details . I
02:43 see several important words , such as archaeologists on Lee
02:48 Joon discovered receiving much attention and 5000 objects . These
02:57 keywords help me find the main idea . The main
03:01 idea is at discovering King Touch . Tomb was an
03:05 important archaeological discovery . My details go along and support
03:12 the main idea . The first detail that supports the
03:17 main idea is an archaeologist , Howard Carter discovered King
03:21 Tut . The second detail is that it was the
03:24 Onley tomb to be discovered completely undamaged with more than
03:28 5000 objects . The last detail is that the discovery
03:33 received much attention . All these details show that discovering
03:38 the tomb was a very important event . Readers .
03:44 As you can see , we can summarize nonfiction by
03:47 finding main ideas and details by looking at details and
03:51 key words . We can put them together to form
03:53 a main idea sentence in our own words . Now
03:57 , as you read nonfiction , you should be able
03:59 to summarize by finding main ideas and details .


eSpark Learning: Determining Main Idea Instructional Video (4.RI.2)


ESpark Learning: Determining Main Idea Instructional Video (4.RI.2) is a free educational video by eSparkLearningVideos.It helps students in grades 4 practice the following standards RI.4.2.

This page not only allows students and teachers view ESpark Learning: Determining Main Idea Instructional Video (4.RI.2) but also find engaging Sample Questions, Apps, Pins, Worksheets, Books related to the following topics.

1. RI.4.2 : Determine the main idea of a text and explain how it is supported by key details; summarize the text..





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