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Value-Added Resources for Youth Services Librarians

Learn more about our Library Database Programs:

  • Lumos StepUp™ Library eLearning Program:

    Lumos Learning offers CCSS aligned electronic Database Resources for students in Elementary and Middle schools. It is a proven solution to improve student achievement in classrooms and on the standardized tests. Learn More about Lumos StepUp.

  • Write Better Workshop:

    A Common Core State Standards aligned interactive database program to help students in elementary and middle school improve their essays and stories. Learn More about the Write Better Workshop.

  • Master Study Skills:

    An informative program to help students understand how to take their current study habits and turn them into successful study skills. Students will learn the most effective note taking strategies, discover positive test preparation habits, and identify the best methods to boost memory skills and enhance active listening Learn More about Master Study Skills Workshop.

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