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Mobile Apps for Seventh Grade Students

Top Rated Apps for Grade 7:

7th grade is the term used for primary education in the US. It is the seventh school year after kindergarten. Student’s age is usually between 12-13 years. In mathematics, students are usually introduced to multiplication and division facts, place value to thousands or ten thousands, and estimation.

In science, seventh graders are taught physical sciences and chemistry and in reading, third grade students begin working on text comprehension. Grade 7th math worksheets include number sense, Algebra, geometry, graph and statistics.

iTooch 7th Grade Math App :
With more than 1,647 exercises, iTooch 7th Grade Math is a new and fun way of practicing and learning Mathematics for 7th Graders. It is, by far, the largest collection of educational activities based on the US National Common Core Standards on the App Store.

7th Grade Friendzy:
Why do people love this app? We listen to you!Want to suggest a new feature? Find something confusing? Found a bug? Send us an e-mail at 7th (Seventh) Grade education can be fun and learning 7th Grade curriculum is now easy with this fun and interactive app.

7th Grade Math Learning Games:
7th Grade Math Learning Games is a year’s worth of math lessons, worksheets, and problems for seventh graders. Covering 19 common core subjects with a near endless amount of questions, it is perfect for teachers or parents who want to give their students a fun way to practice and learn.

F2L 7th Grade:
Flick2Learn 7th Grade provides an easy to use study guide for the iPod Touch or iPhone that allows students to study on the go.Gone are the days where you need to haul around a bulky text book, a notebook, or flashcards. Just launch the application and see the content your teacher has loaded and prepare to Ace that next exam.

Middle School Vocabulary 7th Grade:
Here ‘s a fun game to increase your middle school english vocabulary skills – it ‘s time to get rid of your old flash cards and worksheets. Drive the monkey up the road, and match words with their definitions to keep going.

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