Reading strategies and tips to improve SAT, ACT Score

Reading strategies and tips to improve SAT, ACT Score

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Reading fluency will help you improve your SAT and ACT scores. A first important step is to find books that you enjoy. Reading can be boring if you do not have something that engages you. Once you find the kind of books you enjoy, read as much as you can.


The more you read, the more your reading fluency will improve. The verbal section of the SAT is based on reading and understanding passages. Since it is a timed test, you will need to read at a certain pace to get all of the questions answered. Even if you have a high level of understanding, that does not help much if you read at a slow pace. The more you read every day, the faster you will be able to read and comprehend the passages on the test. When you are a more efficient reader, you will have more time to answer the questions on the test. The ACT measures college readiness, and to be accepted into a college, you need an acceptable level of reading fluency as well.

Strategies Used to Evaluate Reading Fluency

To assess fluency, evaluators often used timed oral reading tests and then ask comprehension questions at the end of the reading. On a standardized evaluation, there will be reading comprehension and vocabulary sections that are used to assess the applicant’s fluency.

Improve Your Reading Fluency

The best thing you can do to improve your fluency is to read every day. The more you read, the more fluent you become. Read to yourself and then put the book down and see if you can summarize what you have read.

Tips for the Test

  • Identify the mistakes you make most often when you are reading so you can focus on improving in that area.
  • Practice skimming passages.
  • Skip difficult questions and return to them later.
  • Use the process of elimination when needed.
  • Practice!
  • The SAT

    On the SAT, the first section is reading comprehension and vocabulary. You will be provided five passages that you will need to read and then you will have 52 multiple choice questions to answer based on the reading. This section of the test will evaluate your command of evidence and words in context. To get ready, you should practice reading passages similar to what will be found on SAT.

    The ACT

    The American College Test is like the SAT and will test the same skills. To do well on this test, you will need to be able to read fluently. Reading fluently will help to improve both comprehension and vocabulary.

    Extra Tips

    Though it can be more difficult to improve fluency at an older age, it is an attainable goal. Read as much as you can and read out loud when you can. It is also a good idea to listen to other readers and pay attention to their pace. Audiobooks are a good way to do this. Practice will improve your skills.