How to master the art of essay writing for high school students

art of essay writing

By now you have probably written a lot of essays. Whether you love them or hate them, there is no denying that school assessments are leaning more and more toward this long-form style of writing, so mastering it is crucial. Whether you are a current or soon-to-be high-schooler, there is an art to essay writing that, if properly honed, can help you ace it every time.

Here are out top tips for essay writing:

Understand essay and paragraph structure

One of the most simple yet important steps of essay writing is sticking to the correct structure. The body of the essay should have an introduction that states your argument, well-researched body paragraphs to support, and a conclusion that sums up the essay. Each paragraph should tackle an individual idea, and be presented in a logical sequence to support your overall argument.

With the correct structure, an essay’s argument will be easy to follow and always refer back to the question.

Create a plan

While the structure is a format that can be used for every essay, the plan uniquely organizes your research for each specific essay. Start with brainstorming and mind mapping, and once you have a general flow of ideas move onto more in depth research on each point.

Finding the right sources is a skill to be practiced, but once you are researching in the correct place it should be easy to create an essay plan for any subject. Organize information and key points to make it simple to refer back to later.

Edit and review

Polishing your essay is an art, and the crucial final step in writing. This is the time to make sure that the overarching questions are answered concisely, sentences are well-structured, and there are no pesky typos hiding in there. In an exam setting it can be harder to edit due to time constraints, but if you are writing it home it is even a good idea to leave it overnight and revise with fresh eyes in the morning.

Whether you are new to the essay or confident in your abilities, honing the basics is always a good idea. With a bit of practice you will be acing essays and getting top grades. Good luck!


Jaci Smith