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eSpark Learning: Determining Theme Instructional Video (4.RL.2) - Free Educational videos for Students in k-12

eSpark Learning: Determining Theme Instructional Video (4.RL.2) - By esparklearningvideos

00:07 hi readers . It's just such a great day for
00:10 reading poetry outside , and that's what I've been doing
00:13 . I've been using this poem to help me figure
00:15 out theme . I really like finding themes when I'm
00:18 reading stories or poems . It really helps me understand
00:23 poems and stories . So what is a theme ?
00:26 It's not what the story is about , but it's
00:28 what the story is really about . So I'll give
00:31 you an example . When I look at stories when
00:34 I look at poems , the first thing I do
00:36 is I try to figure out from the details .
00:39 What is the story or poem ? Mostly about .
00:41 Then I move on and I try to think ,
00:43 Huh ? What is this story or poem ? Have
00:45 to do with my life now ? To find the
00:47 theme , I have to relate the poem not just
00:51 to my life but thio Everybody's life . How could
00:54 this poem , er story affect everyone ? What does
00:57 that have to do with everyone's life ? I'll show
01:00 you what I mean with a couple of poems of
01:02 my own . We'll start with this one by Shel
01:04 Silverstein . Let's read together . Listen to the Masn's
01:09 by Shel Silverstein . Listen to the muffins . Child
01:13 , listen to the donuts . Listen to the shouldn't
01:17 the impossible's the waltz . Listen to the never halves
01:21 , then listen close to me . Anything can happen
01:25 , child . Anything can be . So when I'm
01:30 reading a poem or a book , if I want
01:32 to find out the theme , I like to look
01:34 at two things . First , I look for what
01:38 gets repeated over and over again . Maybe certain things
01:42 happen over and over again , and the story or
01:44 a poem or a certain kind of words get repeated
01:46 over and over again . In this poem , we
01:50 keep seeing negative terms over and over , like mustn't
01:54 Don't shouldn't what all these words remind me of times
02:01 when somebody has told me I couldn't do something or
02:05 something that I can't do now . I also like
02:11 to look at the end of a poem or a
02:13 story . Ah , lot of times the author includes
02:16 something important at the end of a poem or story
02:21 . Here , the end of the poem says ,
02:24 anything can happen , child , anything could be .
02:28 Now that part of the poem makes me think that
02:31 I'm being uplifted . I'm being told that I can
02:34 really do anything , huh ? So Let's think about
02:37 those two parts of the poem people saying that you
02:40 can't and then somebody saying that you can If I
02:44 think about those two important parts , I start to
02:47 think , What is the author really trying to say
02:50 ? What is his theme ? I think the author's
02:54 theme and listen to the masn's is that while people
02:58 might tell you that you can't do something , you
03:01 should really on Li , listen to the people who
03:04 tell you you could do anything . Now let's look
03:08 at another poem together . How to paint a donkey
03:12 by Naomi she of nine . She said the head
03:16 was too large . The who's too small . I
03:20 could clean my paint brush , but I couldn't get
03:22 rid of that voice . While they watched . I
03:26 crumpled him . Let us blue body stay in my
03:29 hand . I cried when he hit the can .
03:32 She smiled . I could try again . Maybe this
03:36 is what I unfold in the dark . Deciding for
03:40 the rest of my life that donkey was just the
03:44 right size . Let's look at the details of this
03:48 poem , and then we can figure out what this
03:50 poem is about . The first line say , she
03:53 said . the head was too large , the hooves
03:56 too small . Someone must have told the author that
04:00 a painting that she made didn't look right . We
04:04 know that the author feels bad about this because later
04:07 , she says , I could clean my paint brush
04:10 , but I couldn't get rid of that voice .
04:11 She can't stop thinking about someone else's criticism of her
04:15 work . Now she throws the donkey picture away .
04:22 It says . I cried when he hit the can
04:25 . The can must mean a trash can . Now
04:30 let's pay special attention to the last signs of this
04:32 poem . Poets know that because those lines come last
04:36 will remember them the most . So they usually put
04:39 important things in these lines , this says , deciding
04:44 for the rest of my life that donkey was just
04:47 the right size . The pope believes that this picture
04:51 was perfect the way she made it , even if
04:54 someone else that it didn't look right . She makes
04:56 a decision for the rest of her life . This
04:59 is a life changing decision for her . It's probably
05:02 something that she'll dio whenever anybody judges her artwork in
05:06 the future . After reading the details , what do
05:10 you think this poem is mostly about pay close attention
05:14 to those last lines . I think this poem is
05:20 about someone judging your artwork and saying it doesn't look
05:23 right when in fact it looks just the way that
05:26 you intended it to . This poem reminds me of
05:29 my own experience . When I was a kid ,
05:31 I do this picture of myself . I had this
05:33 big head in this little body . I thought it
05:35 was a great picture , but my classmates laughed at
05:38 it . Now thinking back , I still think it
05:40 was a great picture , and I wish I wasn't
05:42 worried about what my classmates thought of it . Now
05:45 let me take what I know about how this poem
05:48 reminds me of my life and see if I can
05:50 make it related . Thio everyone's life so I could
05:52 find the theme . Now if I think hard ,
05:55 I start to think that this poem is really about
05:58 art and how , whenever you make art Onley person
06:03 who you should care about , the only opinion that
06:05 matters is your own . So that's what I think
06:08 . The theme of this poem is so readers .
06:11 The next time that you're reading a poem or a
06:13 story , think to yourself What are the details of
06:16 this poem ? Tell me , is what the story
06:19 is about or this column is about . Then think
06:22 , How does this poem or story relate to me
06:24 ? News What you know about the poem relating to
06:26 you and try to get that poem to relate to
06:29 everyone . Once you find how a poem or story
06:31 relates to everyone's life , then you've found the theme
00:0-1 .


Determine a theme of a story, drama, or poem from details in the text; summarize the text.


ESpark Learning: Determining Theme Instructional Video (4.RL.2) is a free educational video by esparklearningvideos .It helps students in grades 4 practice the following standards RL.4.2.

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1. RL.4.2 : Determine a theme of a story, drama, or poem from details in the text; summarize the text..





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