Santa Claus Effect On App Downloads

Happy Holidays!
Can Santa Claus Increase your App Downloads by 230%?

We were in for a pleasant analytics surprise during the past holiday season. For our StepUp app we were averaging about 110 downloads per day till Dec 24th. On Dec 25 it jumped to 392 and stayed above 250 mark for several months after that. We had not done any campaigns and our search in the social media did not reveal anything unusual; no famous blogger was talking about our app. It is a mystery for us. What could be the reason for dramatic increase in the install rate?


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According to one study, the purchases of mobile devices and tablets shoots up during the holiday season and people download more apps during this period. People are relaxed and have more time to explore apps during the holiday season. Trying out an educational app might be more appealing on a new tablet or mobile phone than a Monster Shooter or Zombie Frontier?!

We are not sure what drove this 230% increase in daily installs, but we merrily believe that it is the Santa Claus! Holidays bring cheer to the world; your app downloads may experience it too!


Grace Taylor