Top Ten Educational Mobile App Categories

Top Ten Educational Mobile App Categories

2015 was an exciting year for edTech! The influence of technology on both teaching and learning has increased significantly. Teachers are searching for more digital resources and using them to supplement classroom training. The diversity and popularity of Educational mobile apps continue to improve further.

We reviewed over 2000 educational apps listed in the Google Play Store and correlated the app category with their popularity (number of installs).


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The top ten categories were crosswords, painting, riddles, puzzles, crafts, common core, games, rhymes, math and geography.

Crossword category was a clear winner! 8% of apps belonged to this category. Apps in crosswords category showed an average install count of 1.2 million and an average rating of 3.4. Top app in this category was “Word Search”by Pink Pointer with an averaging rating of 4.4 and 50 million plus installs!

Painting and riddle apps were the next most popular categories. Average downloads for apps in painting category was about 1.8 million. The average rating seen was 3.9. Riddle apps had a lower average install rate of 56 thousand and a slightly lower average rating of 3.6.

Number of installs grouped by various categories is provided in the chart below.


Grace Taylor