7 Creative Holiday Activities That You Can Do With Your Daughter and Help Her Learn

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The festive season is an excellent time to reconnect with family and friends and to build deeper and stronger relationships to the people you value the most in your life. This article will help you provide a list of activities to help you spend quality time with your daughter over the holidays.

1. Bake

Take your daughter into the kitchen with you and let her measure out the ingredients and follow instructions. You will enjoy the time together, and she will learn a few new skills. Hopefully, your craft turns out tasty!

2. Decorate

Pull out the old box of decorations and ask you daughter to join you this year. Let her creative juices flow and come up with ideas on how she wants to decorate the house.

3. Drop by the Library

Spend a few relaxing hours at the library reading books or participating in activities that most libraries ramp up during the holiday season.

4. Put on a Magic Show

Learn a few tricks with your daughter and present your show to the family.

5. Volunteer

The holiday season is about giving, and there’s no better way to impart this lesson other than by volunteering at a local food bank. Take your daughter with you and explain why you are helping out.

6. Try Ice Skating

It’s the festive season and even if you live in a warm city, there might be an indoor rink somewhere in your neighborhood. Bonus tip: For beginners, use ice hockey skates that are much easier for to use for learning purposes than figure skating skates.

7. Visit the Zoo

This is a fun activity that will allow your daughter to learn as well.


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