10 Gift Ideas for Your Teachers

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The holiday season is one of generosity and helping others, and often kids get into the holiday giving spirit and want to present their teachers with a gift. Here are ten ideas that are great for teachers.

1. Gift Cards

If you do not know the teacher too well, you can give them a gift card. A card from a retailer like Amazon is great because child’s teacher can buy practically anything he or she needs.

2. Classroom Books

Teachers in early grades (preschool and elementary) can always use more classroom books for their students.

3. Classroom Games

There are days when children cannot go outside during recess due to bad weather. Classroom games come in handy in these situations, and your child’s teacher will love you for it.

4. Fruit Basket

This gift may not last very long, but the teacher will appreciate the thought and savor the gift.

5. Personalized Gifts

You can get the teacher’s name printed on a pen, a notepad, a wallet or some other useful item before gifting it to him or her. Who does not love monogrammed objects?

6. Plants

Ensure the classroom has space and bring a potted plant to your teacher who will love to liven up the workplace with a little bit of greenery.

7. Baked Goods

If it is the holiday season, than baked goods is a great idea. Just check beforehand the teacher does not have any allergies.

8. Thank You Note

You don’t always have to splurge. A simple thank you note for doing a wonderful job can really pick up a teacher’s morale in what is often a thankless job.

9. School Supplies

Teachers often spend their own money to buy supplies so show your appreciation and save them a buck or two by presenting them with a school supplies in a practical container.

10. Volunteer Your Time

This is another gift that will not cost you a penny and will allow you to bond really with your child’s teacher. Ask if you can volunteer and it is likely the teacher will appreciatively tell you how you can be helpful.


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