10 Proven Methods to Market Your Educational App to Parents

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There are now tens of thousands of educational apps in the marketplace and standing out from the crowd is no simple task. Here are ten of the best marketing strategies to get parents to download your educational app for their children.

1. Quote Research

We live in a world where science rules. People are convinced much more easily if you can prove your claims with scientific research. There are many studies available that describe characteristics of great apps and all you have to do is tell parents your apps have educational features and quote the research behind it.

2. Target Blogs

Many parents visit specialized blogs that discuss everything about the challenges of parenting in today’s society. This is an excellent platform for you to place your ads as you will be directly targeting concerned parents.

3. Ask for Reviews

There are review websites for just about any product or service available for consumption. All you have to do is send information about your app to a website that reviews educational tools for kids.

4. Social Media

The millennial generation is the first group of children who grew up in front of digital screens, and this generation is now in the mid-20 to mid-30s, and many millennials are adults. This generation is highly plugged into the social media so start spreading the word about your educational apps on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

5. Google AdSense

Google’s online advertising schemes are great because they allow you to target consumers based on keywords. Do a little research and find out what parents are googling and by AdSense advertising to target your ads to parents.

6. Start a Blog

It’s great to target parents through third party blogs, but why not start your blog targeting parents where you can promote your app in an unobtrusive method. These days it’s quite easy to start a DIY website and content can be acquired for extremely low rates via third party services.

7. Magazines

It is a digital world, but the paper has not lost all its luster. There are magazines that specifically tailor to parents and buying ad space for your educational app in these magazines will allow you to reach directly parents.

8. Community Boards

There are cork bulletin boards all around you. Some places where you can find these boards are at the local recreational centre, the community centre, the library and the arts & craft store.

9. Advertise at the Right Time

Parents rarely sit down and watch Saturday morning cartoons with their kids, so if you want to target the parents that would be the wrong time slot. Instead, focus your advertising budget on when parents are more likely to tune into the TV set.

10. Ask Your Friends

The best form of advertising is word-of-mouth so ask your parent friends to use the app and ask those who seem impressed to share the app on social media like Facebook.


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