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This page helps you become a fluent reader. Students can easily check their reading accuracy, speed and expression by reading Procedural text. The Lumos Reading Fluency analyzer automatically analyzes student read audio and provides insightful reports to help students become fluent readers. Try it now!

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    Procedural text

    Many times, you must do something you do not know how to do. There are steps you can follow.

    What is a "procedural text"?

    Procedural text is another way of saying directions, instructions, or guides.

    It is a way to do or make something. Steps are given.

    You can find recipes for cooking, science experiments, rules for games, or making a project.

    You might need to know how to use things like a machine or even a computer.

    You can see the steps in little titles under the big title, directions or as a list to follow.

    They can have pictures to help, too.

    When following "procedural texts", you must go from one step to the other. Do not skip steps.

    Here is a procedural text. Read it. Then answer questions.

    Cooking Corn Dogs

    1. Buy a box of frozen corn dogs.
    2. Have an adult turn on the oven to 350 degrees.
    3. Spray an aluminum pan with cooking spray.
    4. Take the number of corn dogs out that you want to cook.
    5. Put them in the pan.
    6. Have an adult place the pan in the heated oven.
    7. Cook on one side for 12 minutes.
    8. Have an adult turn the corn dogs over.
    9. Cook on this side for 12 minutes.
    10. Have an adult take them out of the oven.

    Enjoy! They are best with mustard to dip them in.

    Please record your audio and wait some time....

    Please record your audio and wait some time....