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Lumos Comprehend is an automated solution that helps you build questions and answers for your textual content —within seconds and completely free, powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms. Once the questions and answers are generated, you can view these on the screen or export them in CSV file format for your use.
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Converting statements to questions

Converting statements into questions involves modifying the sentence structure in the English language.
Typical words that are used when converting the sentences as questions are - DO, DOES, DID, WHAT WERE, WHEN, HOW, WAS, WERE, etc.

A simple rule to remember to convert a statement into a question is - placing the verb just before the noun/pronoun in the beginning.
For example, to convert the sentence - It is raining, we have to put the verb of the sentence (i.e., is) at the beginning and the question mark at the end as-
Is it raining?

Sometimes we may have to modify the verb tense based on the sentence type as well.
For example, to convert the sentence -
Germany won the FIFA world cup 2014.

we have to put the verb Did at the beginning of the sentence and also we have to change the verb tense won to win as -
Did Germany win the FIFA world cup 2014?