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Free Text Complexity Analyzer

The Lumos Text Complexity Analyzer tool is designed to help you become strong readers and writers by analyzing the quantitative features of a text that are typically difficult for a human reader to evaluate. The term text complexity refers to the level of challenge a text provides based on a trio of considerations - quantitative features, qualitative features, and reader/text factors. This tool is designed to offer you immediate access to quantitative dimensions of text complexity such as sentence length, number of syllables, word length, word frequency, sentences per paragraph, and text cohesion (to name just a few). The insightful reports also provide instant access to several readability measures for a given text, such as Flesch-Kincaid, Gunning Fog, Coleman-Liau.

Getting Started

Simply enter the text you wish to analyze in the box below and press the Get Text Analysis button. Try it now!