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Lumos free SAT essay practice resources were created to help students that are getting ready to take the SAT. The essay auto-graders saves you time and money by providing instant feedback on your SAT essay. Lumos Grading assistant uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to grade students' responses to the SAT essay questions automatically. Lumos Grading Assistant provides a score on a scale of 0 to 4 by taking several attributes of a student's response, including grammar errors, spelling errors, proximity to the expected answer, etc.

If you have answered the sample questions released by the College Board, you can use Lumos Grading Assistant to grade your answer automatically. Try SAT Grader Now!

Key Benefits

Recommends Personalized practice and learning plan to address critical skill gaps

Sample answers available

Adjusts With self-paced flexible practice to meet your child's learning needs

Saves time with instant grading

Prepares with realistic testing environment by mimicing item types, test duration

Helps you prepare for writing section of SAT

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Lumos Learning SAT Resources

Lumos SAT practice resources includes hundreds of math, reading, writing, language and essay questions to practice.

Disclaimer: The grading by the Lumos Grading Assistant is just an indicator, and if you need more accurate score, please contact a certified SAT coach or instructor.

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