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    The Statue of Liberty

    Interesting Facts

    1. The real name of the statue is "Liberty Enlightening the World".

    2. The statue was given to America is 1886 as a gift from France.

    3. The lady represents Libertas, a Roman goddess of freedom. It is a symbol of what she stands for.

    4. The statue carries a torch and tablet with the date of the American Declaration of Independence (July 4, 1776).

    5. There are 354 stairs to climb to reach the statue's crown.

    6. The crown part has 25 windows in it.

    7. There are 7 spikes on the crown. They are for the 7 oceans and 7 continents of the world. These show the idea of liberty all over the world.

    8. About 4-5 million people visit the Statue of Liberty each year.

    9. The statue is made of iron and covered in copper. The copper has turned green due to being exposed to the air.

    10. The only way to get to see the statue is by ferry. Boats cannot dock at the island that it is on.

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