Northridge Elementary School improves Student Achievement Scores by 536 points in 2014-15 PARCC Assessment

Following the completion of this year’s standardized testing, we look back at some interesting facts from the first year of PARCC test in Colorado, in comparison with the CO-TCAP (Transitional Colorado Assessment Program).

According to a source on Chalkbeat, Colorado – Most Colorado students were far from the level they were supposed to be in English Language Arts and Math. In Language Arts, the percentages of Colorado students meeting or exceeding expectations ranged from as high as 43% in 4th grade to as low as 37% 10th grade. Students did even worse in math, ranging from about 19% in 8th grade to 37% in 3rd grade.

In 2014-15, Northridge Elementary School of Highlands Ranch, Colorado was one of the very few that had shown an incredible improvement in scores across multiple grades in both Math and ELA. Northridge Elementary School has been using Lumos Learning study programs to support students’ skills practice and assessment practice for 3 years.

Comparisons and Studies have been made for both Grade 3 and Grade 5 in Math and ELA

Methodology: We conducted a study to understand the impact of Lumos Learning programs on student achievement. To establish a benchmark, we identified two schools that performed on par with Northridge Elementary School in the 2013-14 CO-TCAP . Their state-wide rankings were obtained from for two academic years (2013-14 and 2014-15). The following infographics, summarize the results of this study.

Northridge Elementary School Grade 3 Math and ELA PARCC Score Report 2014-15

By comparing the student achievement scores for Grade 3 on CO-TCAP and PARCC tests, we note that Northridge Elementary School has shown tremendous improvement of 91.9% in ELA and 75.59% in Math.

Northridge Elementary School Grade 5 Math and ELA PARCC Score Report 2014-15

In Grade 5 rankings, Northridge Elementary School again shows a phenomenal improvement in both math and ELA. The advancement in math is seen even when the other two schools’ scores have dropped significantly. As seen in the graph, we observe an improvement of 67.35% in ELA and 55.56% in Math.

Northridge Elementary Schools has improved scores in Grades 3 and 5 for both Math and ELA.

Grade 3 Math and ELA.

Northridge Elementary Grade 3 Math
Northridge Elementary Grade 3 ELA

Grade 5 Math and ELA.

Northridge Elementary Grade 5 Math
Northridge Elementary Grade 5 ELA

About Lumos Learing:

Lumos Learning is a division of Lumos Information Services, a publisher of innovative tools that enhance classroom learning for children in K-12. It has developed learning platforms that combine online and print media to complement classroom learning. Using the Lumos Study Programs, parents and educators can reinforce the classroom learning experience for children and help them succeed in the classrooms and standardized tests. It was founded in 2007 and based in Piscataway, NJ.

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