Harrison Elementary Improves Student Achievement Scores by 232 Points in 2014-15 PARCC Assessment

Following the completion of this year’s standardized testing, we look back at some interesting facts from the first year of PARCC test. In 2014-15, New Jersey students scored lower on PARCC tests than they did on the NJASK or the HSPA assessments. Most students failed to meet the required proficiency levels on the PARCC test. Only 44% Grade 3 students met or exceeded the expectations in the ELA test, whereas it was as high as 80% in the prior assessments. Students in grades 4 to 8 barely met the mark.

PARCC Performance Report English Language Arts

Harrison Elementary School of Livingston School District in NJ is one of the very few that has shown an incredible improvement in grade 3 scores. Harrison E.S chose to use Lumos Learning programs to support students’ skills practice and assessment practice in the 2014-15 academic year.

Methodology: We conducted a study to understand the impact of Lumos Learning programs on student achievement. To establish a benchmark, we identified two schools that performed on par with Harrison Elementary in the 2013-14 NJASK test. Their state-wide rankings were obtained from schooldigger.com for both years (2013-14 and 2014-15). The following infographic summarizes the results of this study.

Harrison Elementary School Grade 3 ELA PARCC Score Report 2014-15

Harrison Elementary PARCC Score Comparison

By comparing their Grade 3 ELA’s NJASK and PARCC ranks, we note that Harrison elementary has shown a remarkable improvement in student achievement levels. This has further raised their position in the state-wide rankings. With a 232 point increase, Harrison school has moved up from 263rd position to 31st position, which is an advancement of 88.21%.

New Jersey’s scores match the other states that took PARCC test. Most students missed the benchmarks for achievement. Schools are now awaiting results of this year’s spring assessments as they enter the third year of PARCC testing this year.