Individual Education Program (IEP)

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What is IEP

The ‘Individualized Education Program is also called the IEP. This is a document that is developed for school child who needs special education. IEP is created by a team and is reviewed periodically.


Individualised objectives of a child who has a disability, as defined by federal regulations is available in IEP. It is intended to help children reach educational goals more easily. Individual Education Program is tailored to the individual student’s needs.

The IEP describes how the student learns and demonstrates that learning. Information on what teachers and service providers do to help the student learn more effectively is available in the IEP. Developing an IEP requires assessing students in all areas related to the known disabilities. This is done simultaneously considering ability to access the general curriculum. In doing so, needs to conisder how the disability affects the student’s learning. It involves forming goals and objectives that correspond to the needs of the student, and choosing a placement in the least restrictive environment possible for the student.


IEP provisions for various state assessments

Below is a ready reckoner of the various accommodations provided for various assessments:

Sl No Accommodation ACT Aspire LEAP iStep+ GMAS FSA MAP OST
1 Text-to-Speech. (English Audio + Orienting Description) Y Y Y N Y Y Y
2 Braille Contracted with Tactile Graphics Y Only for PBT Y Only for PBT Only for PBT Only for PBT Y
3 Large Print: Paper version Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
4 Test- Magnification and Browser Zoom features Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
5 Line reader – Visual support tool for reading Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
6 Abacus Y N N Y Y N N
7 Answer-Masking:
CBT: Examinee may use masking tool to cover up or reveal multiple choice answer options to support memory and focus, eliminating distractions.
8 Answer Eliminator Y N Y Y Y Y Y
9 Spanish Text + Audio: Full Test Content Translation into North American Spanish language text with audio (Spanish) read-aloud option built in (Includes test directions). Grade 3-6 Y N N N N N
10 Word to word dictionary Grade 3-6 Not for ELA Not for ELA Not for ELA Not for ELA Not for ELA Not for ELA
11 Scratch Paper Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12 Special Calculators Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
13 Dictate Responses Y N N N Y Y N
14 Extra Time Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
15 Keyboard or AAC + Local Print: Y N N N Y N N
16 Mark item for review: Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
17 Breaks—Supervised: Y N Y Y Y Y Y
18 Special Seating/Grouping Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
19 Location for Movement Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
20 Individual test administration Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
21 Administration at home for homebound examinee Y N N N N N N
22 Other Setting Y N N N N N N
23 Audio Environment: Modified acoustic environment that is locally provided. (i.e. Examinee whisper-phone, FM system, local acoustic enhancements, or noise quieting headphones to screen out auditory distractions) Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
24 Visual Environment:
Modified visual/lighting environment that is locally provided. (i.e. Special room lighting, light box under paper test, or use of study carrel to screen out visual distractions)
25 Physical/Motor Equipment:
Includes locally provided personalized adaptive furniture, balance or positioning equipment to support examinee physical interaction, enhance motor control during testing, and/or reduce fatigue; or other equipment provided locally to provide fine motor interaction support (i.e. large grip pencil, or adaptive keyboard). NOTE: This feature does NOT include Augmented/Assistive Communication (AAC) devices or procedures. This support also does not include motor/physical prompting of any kind.
26 Directions in Native Language
(Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin, French, Spanish, Urdu, Viatnmese)
27 Equation Builder N Y N N N N N
28 Book Mark N Y Y N Y N Y
29 Contrasting Colors/Reverse Colors Under development Y Y Y Y Y Y
30 N Y Y N Y N N
31 Instructions:
The “Question mark” button will display the instructions window.
Instruction based on question. Ex. how to do drag-and-drop
32 General Administration Directions Clarified (by test administrator) N Y Y Y Y Y Y
33 General Administration Directions Read Aloud and Repeated as Needed (by test administrator) N Y Y Y Y Y Y
34 Highlighter N Y Y Y Y Y Y
35 Sign the directions Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
36 Sign test questions Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
37 Stimulus Expansion N N N N Y N N
38 CBT Worksheets N N N N Y N N
39 CBT Work folders N N N N Y N N

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