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New York State Common Core Test Results: How to read your child’s test results

New York State Common Core Test
As a parent of a child that took the Common Core test in both math, and ELA this past year I had questions about what it all meant? I received the report but, I really don’t understand what the results mean for me and my child? How do I read the report? How will the school use the test results to make sure improvements are made? These were just a few of the questions that I had when attempted to read the report that was in front of me.

Why Common Core?

New York State is one of the many states that decided to voluntarily transition to Common Core testing in 2011. The Common Core test is geared to prepare your student for college, by ensuring that they are thinking at a higher level when it comes to ELA and Math. Testing started in New York in the 2012-13 school year. Each year students in grades 3-8 take the Common Core test for Math, and ELA.

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What do the results mean?

The state uses the results as part of their assessment for teachers and principals. Meaning if the student’s struggle the teacher, or principal for your student will be affected by the results. Under the current law, 20 percent of the teacher’s evaluation is from this test. The results for parents are they get a look at where their child is performing in ELA, and Math compared to other’s in their district, county, and against the state average.

What do the different levels mean on the report?

When looking at your child’s report, the state has provided four different levels they rank your child at, on a scale of 1-4. Below is the proficiency rating for each of the four levels.

• Level 1: Student performance at this level means your child is well below their expected grade level. This ranking means your child skill level for the section is insufficient for their current grade level and needs vast improvement.

• Level 2: At level two your child is considered partially proficient for their grade level. They are considered on track to meeting New York State Graduation requirements, but are considered insufficient to meet Common Core standards for their grade level.

• Level 3: At Level three your child is considered on track for both New York State graduation requirements and that of the Common Core standards for their grade level.

• Level 4: At level four your child is excelling and is well above the expect standards for the grade level. They are going above and beyond what is expected of them at their current grade level.

How will the school use the data collected from the test?

The school will use the data collected to address the areas of concern for your child. All students’ that score either a level one or two will be eligible for academic intervention services (AIS). After reviewing your child’s report, it is recommended that you schedule a meeting with your child’s teachers, to discuss steps on how to address the problem areas in Math and ELA.

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