7 Things That Great Apps Do to Engage Users

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There are now millions of apps available on the two largest app markets, Google Play, and Apple’s App Store, so it is crucial your app engages users to help it stand out from the crowd. Here are seven simple techniques you can incorporate in your app to ensure users are enthralled.

1. Simple is Better

Your app needs to have a simple interface that allows users to intuitively navigate it and understand all its functions.

2. Focus on One Service

Do not try to make your app all-encompassing software. These days the trend is geared towards specialization. For instance, Uber only connects travelers to those who can offer them a ride. There is only one application for the app, but it’s what has made it popular.

3. Model the Real World

A great app engages people because it replicates the real world and provides a solution to a problem faced daily in life.

4. Ask for Feedback

In today’s social media age, everyone has an opinion about almost everything and what is more important is people love sharing their opinion. Make it easy for people to comment on your app and make suggestions. Of course, use the remarks to tweak your app and improve overall performance.

5. Offline Engagement

Build your app with the idea that sometimes people do not have access to the Internet, and you want your app to work regardless of the Internet connection.

6. Interactivity Works

Build your app to take advantage of interaction with users. This is the best method to engage your clients.

7. Entice Users to Opt-in for Notifications

Create opt-in notifications that make the user feel they might miss out on something great if they don’t decide to opt-in for notifications, which help you keep users engaged especially if they have strayed away from using your app.


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