7 Fun Holiday Projects do Help Your Son Learn This Winter

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Learning should be embraced as a lifelong activity. Adults who are continuously trying new activities and learning about new subjects are said to have a lower risk of developing illnesses such as dementia. One of the best methods to keep your mind active is to teach others, and what better reward could there be than teaching your son. This winter, especially during the holiday break, spend some fun time with your son to help him learn and keep yourself young at mind. Here are seven enjoyable projects to undertake with your son.

1. Skiing

A family favorite winter activity is downhill skiing. If you live in a geographical region where skiing is possible, do not miss out on this activity. Even if you do not know how to ski, you can take lessons with your son. You will teach your son to love winter and improve his coordination skills. Maybe you might even churn out a future downhill ski champion.

2. Snowboarding

If you son is five-year-old or more, you can think about strapping him to a snowboard and let him ride down the slopes. However, snowboarding is more popular with teens as they have the strength and balance to stand upright and try snowboarding tricks.

3. Skating/Ice Hockey

Is your son old enough to walk around and run? If so, lace up some skates to his feet and let me enjoy the exhilarating feeling of gliding on ice. For older children, take them to the local outdoor ice rink with some hockey equipment and enjoy a game of shinny.

4. Tobagganing

Pick up a sled and head out to the local hill. Spend a few fun hours sliding down the mountainside with your son.

5. Ice Fishing

Not all kids enjoy the peaceful serenity you can experience when ice fishing. Teach your son some patience and real life hunting and gathering skills by taking him out to the local frozen lake or river and cut out a small circular hole to hover around hoping to bait your dinner.

6. Building a Snowman/Winter Fort

Not all winter activities have to be away from home. Head to your backyard and build a snowman with your toddler. If your son is a bit older, try building a winter fort together.

7. Snowball Fight

A snowball fight is one of the best memories many adults hold about their winter seasons. Make it an epic event and get the whole family involved. Teach kids the difference between the acceptable snowball and unacceptable ice balls that can hurt on impact and then have a blast.


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